Support Arab Climate Advocates to 2017 Bioneers Conference

In October 2015 a team of climate advocates from the Gaza Strip, Palestine received the James Mohawk Scholarship for entry to all conference sessions hosted by Bioneers in San Rafael, California (USA).  It was the first time to the United States of America for the team and the first time Bioneers invited Palestinians to their conference. The team was responsible for all travel expenses and accommodation.

In October 2016 members from Jordan and Syria joined the team and conference organizers were so impressed with our outreach, they expanded the invitations to additional AYCM representatives for Bioneers 2017.  Our presence helps dismiss cultural stereotypes and provides insight to a new demographic at Bioneers.  We are excited for the opportunity and pleased to announce our 2017 team will bring representatives from:  Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Qatar and Egypt.

It is an honor to represent Arab youth and to share our sustainable strategies. Our goal is to raise 7,000 for team travel expenses including travel to and from Bioneers, lodging, and food. The Bioneers experience allows us to investigate new strategies, network with grassroots organizations and inspires new projects in our home countries.  We go farther together. Thank you for contributing to the journey.

We are the AYCM

The Arab Youth Climate Movement (AYCM) is an independent body working to create a generation-wide movement across the Middle East & North Africa to solve climate crisis challenges, and to assess and support the establishment of legally binding agreements dealing with climate change within international negotiations. The AYCM was established in the lead up to the UNFCCC COP18 Doha negotiations in September 2012 across 17 Arab countries with in the MENA region.

Our Theory of Change

AYCM believes that climate change is (one of the greatest threats) facing humanity and young people.  As inheritors of this planet,  youth are key stakeholder in humanity’s response to the climate crisis.  We believe addressing the climate crisis is an opportunity to create a more sustainable,  prosperous, meaningful,  just, and fair world.

The scale and breadth of the climate crisis requires urgent and comprehensive action.  Science explains, we need to keep carbon pollution less than 350 ppm and to meet this challenge, thousands of people, particularly in politically and economically strategic areas need to be willing and able to take deep action on climate change when needed. We believe that our movement can create the groundswell of support and momentum needed to inspire this transition.

More about AYCM

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Our Bioneers Experience

Bioneers brings together brilliant, awesome, open-minded thinkers from all over the world together to learn, discuss, share and network. Bioneers guides us to:

  1. Explore & Learn.  The most obvious motivation for us to attend Bioneers is the quality and quantity of content at Bioneers workshops and lecture sessions.
  2. Network. We value the opportunity to meet new people who work in the same field. There is an incredible amount of sharing, learning and benefits.
  3. Share. Education is most valuable when shared. We have a responsibility to return and share the information we learned with our communities.
  4. Discover.  Powerful opportunities and strategies for creating resilience and transformation in work, life and community occur when engaging in new experiences.

Please visit this link for more information about our fund-raising campaign

Please share this campaign with your friends, family, and colleagues. Please share through your networks and newsletters. Discuss contributing with your circles, communities, and in your social media. Thank you for thinking global, acting local, and contributing today! 

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