top games to stream on twitch

Best Games to Stream on Twitch 2022

There are a huge number of video games on the market today. They differ in a variety of plots, dynamics, a different number of levels, characters, web design and specifics. Sometimes it is very difficult for gamers to decide which of the games on the Twitch gaming platform is worth playing. This is due to the fact that any games differ in strategy, computer requirements, and other features. When it comes to game development, it’s best to turn to a proven and competitive company that can offer many relevant services, including video game development from scratch or turnkey.

How to find the right video game on Twitch?

Each new client who is ready to make financial investments in new projects is constantly thinking about what idea to implement in life so that it works. The competition is constantly growing, and it is very difficult to attract a new target audience, new streamers and new gamers. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the so-called “indie games”, which are distinguished by funny stories, creative parties, effects and goodwill in general. Among such games, which are still worth trying to play, the following should be emphasized:

1. Albion Online

This video game is completely free. The main gamer character can fight enemies, enjoy and have fun, as well as mine various valuables. Naturally, you can even try to fight in group battles and collect a lot of necessary equipment. This game is at the peak of its popularity. The fact is that screamers are simply superior to the plots, because the topic of paranormal phenomena is of interest to so many.

Best Games to Stream on Twitch

People love things that have to do with unreal life, including ghosts and mysticism, but sometimes in a video game you can play a team game with other heroes. It is this video game that is so versatile and in demand that it entered the TOP of the best. The fact is that it was officially recognized as the best-selling. It is in this game that you can fight, build your own “comfort zone”, collect effective, including expensive items for battles, and so on.

2. Dead by Daylight

This video game is niche. In fact, gamers will be interested in playing it if they like the story. It focuses on the protagonist being a wanted murderer. But the big advantage of the game is that you can get together in a big gang and hide together.

This game is quite interesting. It can be said, in the truest sense of the word, it conquered most people around the world. The bottom line is that you can build your own houses and create guilds in it, and there is also a unique specificity of the game – the ability to communicate with all connected viewers in real time.

3. Animal Crossing

This video game is simply created for those who love maximum loyalty, pleasantness, all that is good on the planet. It was designed for people to succeed and have fun, as well as simply decide which tree to plant today – an apple, pear or peach tree.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This game is really more than just a game. First, it allows all viewers to interact directly with the players through a special feature. Secondly, it is directly intended for everyone who loves a fantasy world and is ready to control a hero and go to the end, completing absolutely all tasks.

5. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

For those who do not mind spending time trying to achieve their goals, this game is suitable. It really has become the most outstanding in recent times, because there are an unrealistic number of gamers in it, and players register with a great pleasure.

6. Jackbox Games

The video game was created for those players who just love to party. This game will really allow you to develop, as well as have fun and thereby solve “organic” problems. The main thing is to penetrate, and then everything will go on as usual.

top games to stream on twitch

7. Marbles on Stream

This particular game was created for those who want to become a truly beginner streamer and who have no experience in story games yet. The game is based on balls and fully functions as a buffer. You can even place a bet on which ball will reach the finish line first.

All game testing companies offer to perform a service. It is testing that will make it clear how involved the target audience will be, how the video game will prove itself, how promising and progressive it will become, whether it will appeal to novice streamers or professional ones.

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