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Benefits of Making Interlocking Bricks from Plastic Bottles

Every day all over the world hundreds of millions of single-use plastic bottles are utilized and discarded. Plastic bottles are both wonderful and terrible at the same time. Plastic bottles are an inexpensive and practical way to store and distribute liquids. The problem is that we only use them once and when their liquid content is consumed, then they have no further use and we throw them away.

In the USA alone, 1.500 plastic bottles are used for bottled mineral water every second: 35 billion plastic bottles annually. Unfortunately, when the plastic bottle is empty it has no further use. They become a huge environmental problem and cause a large waste management issue. Only 23% are recycled effectively in the USA and in Europe with approximately 30%, the situation is not much better.

A mountain of empty plastic bottles

With a global population of 7.4 billion and each person consuming an average of 150 plastic bottles annually, then we can begin to understand the magnitude of the plastic bottle problem.

Introduction to Botbrik

The BotBrik patented plastic bottle design in the form of an interlocking brick is part of this concept of the Circular Economy. The BotBrik reusable plastic bottle design manufactured in the form of a building brick is intended to optimize the effectiveness of the single-use plastic bottle and to allow its re-use for construction purposes, a constant and necessary activity in human life for housing and shelter.


BotBriks are not damaged when in contact with water and do not need binding materials. When filled with sand a plastic bottle is stronger than a traditional building brick.

One very important aspect we would like to highlight about our BotBrik is its universal design. All over the world the patented design and sizes would be the same. BotBriks in China will have the same sizes and shapes as BotBriks in Spain or in The United States, so they can be reused all over the world without a problem.

We live in a global world where exporting and importing products is normal and an important aspect of our global economy. BotBriks will fit into this current reality transporting the spirit of the Circular Economy wherever BotBriks are used.

Unending Benefits

Making interlocking bricks from plastic bottles is ecologically positive in two main ways. One is the re-use of the empty plastic bottle and to prevent them ending up in landfills or the ocean. The second is that the building brick industry is one of the biggest producers of CO2 emissions due to the huge amounts of energy they use when they fire their baking ovens.

The building brick industry in developing countries is a major user of child labor so that any decrease in that activity is socially positive. We expect that when large numbers of bottling companies start to use the BotBrik design for their bottles, then this will have a very large worldwide ecological and social impact.

If only a relatively small proportion of all the world’s discarded plastic bottles were to be used in a practical and useful manner, then this would be a giant ecological step. To convert them into a much needed and practical object such as building brick would be especially satisfying.

Please go to our webpage  to find out more details about our project.

Alan Rogers

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