Can CBD Help With Digestive Issues?

Do you find yourself looking at others and envying their normal, day-to-day stomachs? I know it’s a weird thought – but if poor digestion afflicts you, it’s easy to want to be just plain ‘normal’ again. It can can feel like you’re walking around with an air-filled belly for days at a time, not fitting into clothes properly or feeling as slim as you could.

Bloating due to improper foods seems to plague most of us – most often at the worst possible times. Help with the digestive tract can be imperative at times like this, as well as times when you feel okay but want to prevent the inevitable! Are you nearing your wit’s end with gut inflammation? It can be difficult and downright annoying at times. Let’s help give you some relief from a gut that simply won’t cooperate with you.

Here’s a fun fact for you: CBD helps with digestion! When purchasing CBD products, you’ll want to find a CBD brand with pure, high quality ingredients. A brand with a good track record is key when deciding which product to try. Luckily, there are many different ways to administer your dose of CBD. There are creams, lotions, vape pens, tinctures, gummies and even face masks and face wash! But first, let’s rewind a bit and discuss why CBD helps in digestion.

CBD Oil Digestion

What is CBD? It’s a naturally occurring compound that is found in the hemp plant. There is no THC in a CBD product, so you will not get high when you consume your daily dose of CBD. You can relax and take CBD as many times as needed throughout the day or night. CBD is an anti-inflammatory. Those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, as well as those who are constantly bloating or have food sensitivities, are great candidates for CBD-based self-treatment. Inner swelling from the bloating will be substantially reduced, and you’ll finally feel confident enough to wear the tight-fitting clothes you love and engage in fun activities you’ll have the energy for!

Here’s the secret. The CBD you get must first be made with quality in mind. A CBD product loaded with sugar is not going to do the trick. Getting a preferably vegan and/or gluten-free option is going to make your digestion feel a lot better (don’t worry, it won’t taste like cardboard). Sugar adds to the bloat! That is why finding a holistic alternative CBD is your best bet. Our gut health can be held responsible for our stomach issues as well.

You see, CBD hits both of those realms. As your mind calms from the CBD and stress and anxiety melt away, the effects travel down the Vagus nerve and help subside the stomach’s inflamed tract. Finding relief from uncomfortability in a natural way can sometimes be difficult. This way just so happens to be organic, natural, yummy, relaxing and satisfying!

Salman Zafar

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