penalties for mailing THC-O products

Can You Mail THC-O Products Across the US?

Have you ever been asked to send edibles to a friend or family member? Vape? THC? Shipping some of these items is illegal, and taking them to the post office can be unsettling.

Can you mail THC-O products without getting caught? The short answer is that mailing flowers, THC derived products, edibles, vapes, or any other cannabis product is unlawful under federal law.

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Potential penalties for mailing THC-O products

As one of the oldest and most venerable US institutions, the United States Postal Service has served the American people for over 250 years. Members of the agency can be identified by their timeless navy blue shorts and the eagle logo on the side of their trucks. Even though the USPS has been delivering mail for decades, many Americans still need to learn about the organization’s mailing laws. Specifically, what is the risk of mailing or exporting marijuana or edibles over the mail?

THC-O, also known as THC-O acetate, is a synthetic analog (or chemical twin) of THC. While THC-O is a cannabinoid, it is not naturally occurring and can only be produced safely using modern cannabis technology. Many cannabis enthusiasts may react with blitheness, bemusement, or outright amazement when they discover a cannabinoid that is said to be three times stronger than THC. Others may interpret it as a blessing.

Though states can decriminalise marijuana use under state law, possession for any reason other than limited study remains a federal crime, as does mailing THC-O products.

Furthermore, being a government entity, the US Postal Service is bound by federal law; any improper use of its services is a felony. Moreover, THC is still classified as a Schedule I substance.

That implies that anything less than 50 grams can land you in federal prison for up to five years, and the consequences progressively worsen as the amount climbs. More than 200 federal laws implemented by the US Postal Inspection Service ensure the integrity of US mail.

Also, even if you did not mail the package and are merely the recipient, your knowledge and participation in the shipment planning make you just as culpable as the one who did. When a package is confiscated, the person may face prosecution in both the state where it was mailed and the state where it was delivered. It is entirely up to the prosecutor’s discretion.

Are THC-O products legal to ship? 4 Things to Keep in Mind

Even though hemp-derived THC is more universally accepted and legalized than marijuana-derived THC, THC is rigorously monitored and regulated. Here are some criteria to consider when determining whether your supplier’s THC is legal to transport.

1. Potency of THC-O products

Some news outlets claim that THC-O is up to three times stronger than THC. According to consumer reports, this molecule has the potential to produce more substantial psychedelic effects than other cannabinoids.

2. Origin of plant

THC-O is produced by liquifying and extracting hemp plant components in high-proof alcohol or acetone solvents. This extraction leaves the solvent with the THC dissolved behind, resulting in a more potent and concentrated liquid than other hemp-derived products.

3. Licences

Any THC-O product must come from a licensed grower, whether you use a THC supplier or grow it yourself. In other words, you can’t just ship your uncle’s shed-grown experimental cannabis plants or your fresh batch of gummies. You may be able to import THC-O products into the United States legally, but you should consult an attorney first.

Both you and your supplier may face legal challenges and be arrested or closed down for selling illegal products. Being a licensed grower means that a state government official supervises the hemp crop.

penalties for mailing THC-O products

Can you mail THC?

Shipping THC is a rather involved process because you must comply with any shipping carrier standards and ensure that the product is legal to transport from the point of origin and permitted to receive at its destination. Let us have a look at who can ship THC.

Yes, your cannabis firm follows all applicable laws

You are deemed a “compliant” cannabis business if you do the following:

  • Have the necessary licences, such as a grower, processor, or retail licence.
  • Only offer products with 0.3% THC-O or less.
  • Only purchase from growers who have a legal, licensed firm.
  • Establish a third-party testing procedure, and
  • Have the findings of this testing documented.

If you achieve all of these conditions, you should be able to mail THC-O products to legal regions.

If you cannot 100% verify that you have satisfied all of the qualifying standards listed above, you risk breaking the terms and agreements of the approved carriers.

If you try to transmit cannabis products with a THC-O level of more than 0.3%, you may face penalties for delivering illicit narcotics over the mail, including arrest. Your products may be destroyed in transit if they are discovered.

One aspect of establishing a successful cannabis business is mailing THC-O products. Selling CBD is far more complicated than selling fashion or novelty items, and the business is rapidly growing. Recent governmental and societal changes have occurred, but don’t anticipate them to be the last. Keep an eye on what changes by staying up to date on cannabis regulations worldwide and airlines’ cannabis shipping rules.

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