Break Free from Fossil Fuels

“Not in my back yard” a well known metaphor that explains the human actions, people were extremely happy when fossil fuels were found, the thought that their problems are finally going to be solved, not knowing the adverse effect of this discovery, and no one had questioned about the future.

Probably now, while you are reading this article you are asking yourself why would you care about this topic and how is it related to your life, but after you finish reading this it will be one of your concerns, as it affects more than one sector.



From the environmental point of view, fossil fuels are considered as one of the major causes of climate change, as it emits large amounts of greenhouse gases causing global warming and climate change. We all have heard about the huge amounts of deaths happened last year because of the extreme levels of temperature.

We heard about the floods that occurred that occurred in the Middle East last year  which was a  weird situation since it usually does not rain there. It does not stop here, no, it will get much worse, and by worse I am talking about extreme catastrophes, such as floods, desertification, rise of water level, and in general, changing the balance of the environment, unless we act now.

Politically, the fact that the distribution of fossil fuels in the lands are not equal is a problem itself as it can cause wars and political issues between countries.

The contribution of chemical pollution to the global burden of disease is highly underestimated

In the other hand it affects the economics of the country by the fluctuation of its prices, it also encourages bribery and tax evasion, as the recent scandals has showed that oil companies had paid millions of dollars in bribes, in addition that it can control the percentage of poverty and wealth of people living in a certain country as the income of a capital depends on the economics of the country.

Why is it important? Because if you think it is not in your backyard you have to reconsider the situation. How can you help? Join the campaign, confront and boycott fossil fuels. Let us all support renewable energies and demand them as a right for better environment.

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