Global Recycling Day – An Overview

Global Recycling Day, celebrated on March 18, was unveiled in 2018 in order to inform the importance and significance of recycling to the world. It is a day for us to come together and work towards making this planet a better place to live for us and also for our future generations. A joined up approach for recycling is important as it saves more carbon dioxide emissions each year simultaneously protecting our earth’s valuable natural resources. We need to combine as many voice and efforts to drive the awareness and to push the necessity to recycle more efficiently and effectively around the world so as to assure the future of our planet.


Water, coal, oil, air, natural gas and minerals are the six major natural resources on our planet. We need to include “Recyclables” as the seventh resource. Most of the used and discarded items finally ends up in landfills which continue to pollute our atmosphere. We as global citizens need to recycle plastic bottles, carton boxes, aluminum cans, electronic wastes such as mobile phones, IPads, computers, fridges, …

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The theme for Global Recycling Day 2019 is “Recycling into the Future”. It focuses on the power of innovation, youth and education. We need to support recycling and work together and get more young people engaged and involved with the seventh resource.

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You would be amazed to know the wonderful things that can be manufactured from recycling materials:

  1. Adidas in collaboration with Parely for the Oceans had launched the mass-produced running shoe made from recycled water bottles. Each pair of shoes are made from 11 plastic bottles.
  2. Malafor manufactures blow up sofa made of recycled papers.
  3. Patagonia clothing uses old soda bottles, plastic bottles and turns them into eco-friendly clothing.
  4. Can you imagine a skateboard made from discarded fishing nets of Chilean fishers? Bureo Ahi Performance cruiser skateboard uses these… amazing isn’t it!!!
  5. Textile cotton scraps ends up in landfills as waste materials. Instead trendy and fashionable earrings can be made out of it.
  6. WeWood uses recycled natural wood and reclaimed stainless steel. They ensure that all wood used are reclaimed so as not to cut down a single tree.

Recycling is the best option to do our bit to make this planet a better place to live. It helps stop climate change. Recyclables saves over 700 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.  These resources aren’t limited and can be used again and again.


We may celebrate Global Recycling Day by refusing single-use plastics, assist and help your friends and community by raising awareness regarding the recycling rules, repair and reuse old things, throw recycling materials after cleaning them and in the appropriate bin and also recycle electronic wastes.

Sainath Maniknandan

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