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10 Great Birthday Party Ideas

Going out to dinner at a local restaurant isn’t a bad way to celebrate a birthday, but it’s been done many times before. When looking to plan a unique birthday party, consider some options that are more creative and suited to the individual tastes of the birthday person.

1. Axe Throwing

One of the many modern birthday party ideas is to go throw axe throwing. Groups can rent lanes and compete with one another in axe-throwing competitions. Renting out the entire facility for a large birthday party is another option.

2. Tasting Tours

If the birthday person loves wine, beer, or liquor, going on a tour of local production facilities is a fun way to bond. Rent a limo or a party bus to ensure that everyone travels safely.

3. Murder Mystery Dinners

Going out to dinner doesn’t have to be boring. Book a murder mystery dinner with live actors. Most murder mysteries involve some level of audience participation. For example, audience members might need to solve the clues to crack the case, or they might be invited up to the stage to act in a scene.

4. Pottery Classes

Painting or making pottery is a fun way to celebrate an artistic birthday person. Depending upon the activity, some studios allow participants to bring in food or drinks to enjoy while crafting.

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5. Whale or Seal Watching

Going out on the water is a refreshing and relaxing way to spend a birthday. For nature enthusiasts, cruising in hopes of seeing a whale, seal, or other sea creature is even more enthralling.

6. Vacation

When there’s a little bit of extra money in the budget, splurging on a trip for a big birthday is an option. Some people might choose to go on a cruise or a lavish retreat to a tropical island, and others may opt to spend a couple of nights at a cozy cabin a state or two away.

7. Ghost Tours

Many cities and some suburban communities offer ghost tours. For fans of the supernatural, touring a region to learn about its haunted history is both spooky and fun. Halloween might just be the perfect time of the season for such a celebration, but plenty of places offer tours throughout the year.

8. Cooking Class

Instead of going out to dinner, learn how to cook. Cooking classes range from instructions in how to teach traditional dishes to more exotic meals. Some cooking schools may also offer a wine or other beverage pairing to go along with the cuisine.

9. Theme Party

Some people love to have parties at their homes. To jazz the celebrations up a little bit this year, have a theme. The theme could be based on a favorite television show or the decade in which the birthday person grew up.

10. Food Truck Celebration

Some communities have food truck festivals, particularly in the warmer months. Another possibility is to hire some food trucks to come to the house. Food trucks are popular right now, so this celebration will be both tasty and trendy.

how much does it cost a rent a food truck


Celebrating birthdays is important. People should dedicate time to the good moments in life. These celebrations do not have to be dull either. Instead of opting for the same old type of party, consider one of these fun and exciting possibilities this year.


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