Environmental New Year Resolutions to Help the Planet in 2023

With the advent of the New Year, we always plan what main tasks we will be doing this year and what we will try to achieve. While main thrust of New Year resolutions are on education, health, experience, finances, housing, travel, holiday, love and entertainment but a main aspect we should be targeting is ‘protecting the environment’. It’s time to consider our habits and resolve to improve them in the New Year.

Most of us will try to start the year right with a resolution – whether we want to lose weight, save money, find love, or switch careers, everybody will be looking to improve themselves for the upcoming year. But this year, in addition to our personal goals, let us make another New Year resolution: to make this year the year we really go green.


Supporting environmental initiatives should be one of our main priorities and needs to be reflected through our eco friendly New Year Resolutions and commitment to safeguard it against all forms of pollution and to protect it’s fragile and finite resources.

Depending on our age, work, location etc., our priorities may be different but our actions should be in unison towards environmental protection. We need to understand that we have very recklessly plundered the global resources in a short span of time that is causing many adversities and catastrophes, but we are the only species that have to take preventive measures to avoid any such occurrences in future.


Let us make sincere pledges and serious commitments towards our planet and protecting our environment. Let us atleast support the environment-friendly activities and tasks starting from this year and onwards.

Here are the top new year environmental new year’s resolutions to help the planet in 2023:

  • Protect our green spaces, parks and playgrounds
  • Generating less waste
  • Reuse and recycle material
  • Plan our trips to avoid peak hours and traffic congestion
  • Not wasting any food
  • Use minimum water for daily activities
  • Wash clothes in cold water and washing only when full loads are in the dishwasher and washing machine
  • Turn off the faucet while we brush our teeth
  • Watering our lawn in the morning/ evening to reduce evaporation losses
  • Conserve energy in all forms. Switch lights when not in use
  • Unplug our mobile charger and computer after use as it wastes a lot of energy
  • Avoid plastic bags and taking our own bag for shopping
  • Avoid using Styrofoam cups, disposable cutlery and other related items
  • Growing vegetables and fruits in the available spaces
  • Use natural cleaning products and avoid chemicals
  • Do green shopping and donate items/ clothes we do not use
  • Become a conscious shopper, buy in bulk and avoid products with excessive packaging when possible
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by turning down the thermostat, avoid print outs and photocopy, changing incandescent bulbs for C.F.L.s
  • Participating in voluntary activities and environmental projects like beach cleaning
  • Enhancing our awareness by reading and knowing more on environment.

Enjoy the festivities of the season and be a more responsible citizen of the world.

Have a Happy New Year!

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