Connection Between CBD and Boxing

How CBD Can Help Boxer’s Joint Pain

Combat sports are now frequently turning to CBD oil as a means of helping their athletes soothe joint pain. Most people have at least heard of CBD by now. It’s short for cannabidiol, and it comes from the hemp plant. There is a strong link between CBD and boxing that has come about due to CBD’s ability to reduce pain.

At first glance, it might seem peculiar to incorporate a supplement associated with cannabis into the world of sport. But numerous athletes in contact sports like MMA and American football have already begun advocating for CBD, popularizing its use. In fact, the UFC has accepted a CBD partnership in the last twelve months.

Here is everything professionals need to know about CBD and boxing, including how to use it to help with joint pain.

Can CBD Help Boxer's Joint Pain

The Connection Between CBD and Boxing

The main thing linking CBD to physical sports like boxing is its pain-reducing properties. There is much anecdotal evidence on CBD’s ability to reduce pain and inflammation, including many tales from boxers.

However, can the science back up these anecdotes?

Much research on CBD is performed on animal models. For example, a 2016 study tested CBD gel on arthritic rats. A daily dose of 6.2mg reduced inflammation and pain.

There are only a handful of human clinical trials, so more research is required. That said, if you take the word of professional combat athletes in other arenas, then CBD is quite the supplement.

The everyday public uses CBD, often in the form of a tincture that is consumed via the mouth. However, for boxers, other products might work better. CBD topicals, for example, have proven popular among boxing professionals.

How Do CBD Topicals Work?

A CBD topical is any product infused with cannabidiol that the user applies to the skin. They differ from traditional CBD products because you do not need to ingest them.

With topicals, the CBD is absorbed through the skin, penetrating as deep as the joints. It interacts with a network of receptors in the skin that respond to cannabinoids. These cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the body, forming something called the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The CBD from the topical product only affects the cannabinoid receptors in and around the area where you apply it.

In this way, CBD topicals have numerous benefits over other consumption methods. They do not need to bypass the digestive system, which means two things:

  1. They can work quickly because the body does not need to process the CBD first.
  2. They can be extremely effective, because part of the CBD is not lost to the digestive system.

Furthermore, they can have localized benefits. The user decides exactly where to apply them, massaging the CBD directly into the painful area. There’s no mess or fuss – just a simple application that can soothe pain.

Often, topicals are packed with other soothing ingredients like menthol or arnica, which may also bring about pain relief. This can make them much more effective in the fight against recurring pain, making CBD topicals perfect for boxers.

Choosing CBD Topicals to Help Boxers with Joint Pain

There are a multitude of CBD topicals on the market, which can make choosing one difficult. First, you need to determine the best brand for the job. It’s a competitive market, so there are hundreds of companies to choose from; it’s best to opt for a brand that has highly rated products and provides lab reports.

Connection Between CBD and Boxing

Lab reports, or certificates of analysis, will confirm that a product contains the right amount of CBD and is lacking in toxins. They are essential when choosing a CBD brand to shop with. Check out the examples from reputable companies like PureKana.

Some brands are geared more toward athletes. Again, using PureKana as an example, this brand offers CBD Muscle Roll-On Gel and CBD Transdermal Patches that release a small amount of cannabidiol throughout the day. These are particularly great for helping athletes who often suffer injuries but still need to continue with training.

Final Thoughts

CBD is appearing more and more in boxing gyms and on the combat sport circuit. Considering the compound’s ability to reduce inflammation and pain, it’s no wonder.

The boxing world is only just opening up to the idea of using CBD, particularly in the form of topicals. So, when opting to use CBD products to soothe joint pain caused by boxing injuries, make sure you find a reputable brand with high-quality products.

There are plenty of products out there, but CBD hand creams, muscle roll-ons, and patches are all fantastic options for boxers to maintain fitness.

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