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Linkbox Batch Link Checker Tool Review

Promoting your website is a huge job. It becomes harder to manually track backlinks once the number of backlinks increases and promotion projects expand.

Linkbox totally solves this issue.

Basic features

This service lets you track all external links for projects that have been put all in one place. SEO experts can streamline their work through a user-friendly interface. includes modules built-in to enable you to:

  • bulk index checker;
  • backlink anchor text checker;
  • link monitoring software;
  • batch link checker tool;
  • link indexer;

1. Check the backlinks

Comprehensive checking of backlinks is essential for SEO promotion and budget optimization. Monitoring of links on a regular basis in Link Box lets you access the data about:

  • The presence of links on donor pages
  • Information on dofollow and nofollow link attributes
  • The anchors of all external links are found on the pages.
  • links deleted right after they were created;

Links into Linkbox Pro are imported:

  • into previously created campaigns;
  • Through the Ahrefs or Google Console crawler module, and so on.

The table and graph show all the information regarding backlinks as well as domains. The table analyzes your backlinks with different filters.

linkbox features

2. Checking backlink indexing status

Linkbox Pro is a tool that can run bulk checks on the Google index for external backlinks. This module can:

  • Quickly check indexing;
  • Regular tracking of their presence in the index is possible.

If the link disappears from the Google index and is removed from the index, the SEO specialist will receive an alert so that he/she is able to immediately take steps to ensure that the accepted page hasn’t lost its ranking within the search engines. Linkbox Pro helps you control backlink indexing for all your link campaigns and projects at once.

The table shows the dates as well as the results of Google indexing checks. The status is highlighted with color.

  • gray – no check was conducted.
  • Red – Not Indexed
  • Green – Index;

A filter can be used to select links not yet listed and then forward them to Google to add the URL to the index.


3. Indexing Backlinks

Do not wait for Google to index your website’s links. You need to be proactive. With Linkbox it is possible to send many pages that are not indexed for indexing by Google indexer with a single press of a button. The company guarantees that following this, Googlebot will visit the page with certainty. But, it is contingent on the quality of content, whether it will rank it or not.

This lets you index your backlinks more quickly and with the fastest possible results.

how linkbox works Modules

There are numerous modules built into this service:

1. Anchor analysis

Link Box allows you to check anchors during backlink checkouts. This will let you:

  • Anchor text for Backlinks
  • indexing and presence of donor websites with anchors in Google Console;
  • The attributes of anchors and links

All results are listed in a table of Anchors which forms the basis of the module. Near every anchor is the following info:

  • indexing information (when backlinks were added to the index, and the time they went out);
  • Backlink Type and Attribute
  • URLs of acceptor and donor pages
  • Information about crawlers who intersect
  • Include the campaign’s name with the donor page.

Filters allow you to select information by:

  • Matches are based of a crawler. It is possible to use the Exclude filter to search for anchors that are not present on crawlers.
  • Type of Backlink
  • Campaign name
  • attributes (dofollow, nofollow, ugc, sponsored, etc. (
  • The indexing status.

Donor data could comprise:

  • Export data in Excel format to further analyze;
  • For indexing.

This lets you index a specific group of links to a specific page or anchor list. It is also possible to see the naturalness and uniformity of the backlink profile on the graph.

linkbox pro

2. Crawler analysis

This module lets backlinks be uploaded from multiple services (Google Console. Ahrefs. SEMRush. Majestic) to Linkbox. It also allows you to upload data from Ahrefs and Console. The remaining data is transferred to Temporary.

The module provides a search using:

  • Different crawlers
  • Links from any link campaigns crossed with crawlers;
  • Link status (newly created, active, or historic).
  • Matching between the search term and the URL of the link (e.g. All YouTube links)

On the bottom of the module is a link table with information on:

  • crawlers in which the link is in the crawlers;
  • Campaigns that they cross
  • import date.

LinkBox’s crawler module allows you to check which backlinks Google is aware of by crossing with GSC and which are also known about by your competitors (by crossing with Ahrefs).

crawler analysis

3. Task planner

Linkbox makes it easy to automate the management of backlinks. You can do it in the section for task planners.

For the first time start, you have the option of choosing the levels of tier 1 and tier 2. The tab contains all projects divided by campaigns. The left side is the auto-check for backlinks while on the right is the auto-check for indexing.

Every checkout can be began by selecting the start date ahead of time. For example, do an annual check every week.

After enabling, the service will run the specified checks at the scheduled intervals. It will also send you an email notification for any problems that are discovered.

4. Free Report module

LinkBox creates reports after links have been inspected and indexed. The first report is a comprehensive overview of every parameter. Follow-up reports reflect only the information that has changed during two checkouts.

Reports can be filterable by:

  • Set goals for checking (links or index status).
  • Backlink project;
  • URL for donor page
  • Link Level 1 or 2
  • Link campaign

The change tags are the fundamental block. They indicate the value of the page to which changes are to be applied. They are categorized according to their importance and colored in:

  • Red – Significant changes that demand particular attention and should be dealt with immediately
  • Green – Minor changes that provide useful information.
  • Orange – non-critical errors that are also worthy of your attention;

To highlight pages where the tag can be used and click on the tags. All links will appear in a table, with columns:

  • The right one includes the modifications made to the pages with links.
  • the left column lists the donor URL, the link campaign, and the project; is a monitoring tool for your external links in relation to their indexing and ensures that they are updated. It monitors every change.

This tool helps you keep an eye on all the links you get and organizes them into one location. Link Box is an advanced tool that lets you manage backlinks. It is a tool that can be utilized by a professional who is experienced to boost your site’s visibility to top search results as well as reduce costs.

Salman Zafar

Originally posted 2021-09-10 12:27:53. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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