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Live An Awakened Life – An Enlightening Guide

Everything is meant to flourish. Nature, animals, and people. All of creation has the inherent capability to reach its full potential, but many of us are not aware of this. Most of us are conscious of physical surroundings and the material world, but very few of us live an awakened life and, thus, miss our higher purpose or calling.

Living With Purpose

Have you ever found yourself asking, “What is the purpose of life?” Although each person has a unique calling, one factor common to all is the yearning to thrive. This means our life must be centered on doing what makes us evolve in a way that strengthens our spirit while making a positive impact on others.

Living a life with purpose is the only way to find inner peace and true fulfillment. When we pivot from the habitual ego-focused thinking and instead turn to feed our souls, we begin to unlock the four goals in life: destiny or self-realization, prosperity, enjoyment, and enlightenment. These four together provide a balance, a state of equilibrium that allows us to joyfully live and be an agent of harmony and collaboration with life itself.

The Four Aims

Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian, in her book, Jewel of Abundance, says that “The overarching dharma or universal purpose of life is to awaken to our essential spiritual nature…When we wake up, we can live in harmony with divine order….It is this highest priority that promises lasting fulfillment.”

spiritual awakening

We must never stop committing ourselves to gaining further knowledge of our inner self, to become more attuned to our spirit, and to live in harmony with it. When we have a deeper understanding of our spirit, we become more courageous in pursuing courses of action that will strengthen us and more deliberate in avoiding paths that will weaken us.

Although this spiritual awakening is indispensable to a purpose-driven life, it should not stand by itself. The three other pursuits must accompany it. Prosperity, for one, is an instrument that we can use to expand our consciousness and reach the full measure of our potential.

Life is not meant to be a sacrifice or a denial of one’s self. Rather, it is to be enjoyed and embraced fully. Understanding that pleasure is part of life gets you one step closer to fulfilling your life’s purpose.

The fourth and last aim in our life is enlightenment. It is the complete mastery of your mind and senses, and the liberation from errors of impression and understanding our unawakened mind holds us to.

Becoming Awakened

Finding meaning in life and becoming a fully awakened soul starts when we reconnect with ourselves and see ourselves more deeply. When we self-reflect, we cut to the essence of our being—our behaviors and attitudes that make us who we are. Once we have become more attuned to the inner workings of our spirit, we can recognize the areas that need improvement.

living an awakened life

Through increasing self-reflection, we purify ourselves of the things that hinder us and hold us back. Errant behaviors are perceived more easily and then rooted out. We then become more conscious and deliberate in the way we act and react. This heightened self-awareness helps us to live our lives with clarity, wisdom, and yes, purpose.

Search yourself about those qualities that have been present within you for a long time and develop them. Apply these to the things that you genuinely care about. Every one of us is a vessel of the infinite Presence and Power, and we only need to surrender and open ourselves to that truth. When we learn to harness that unlimited divine power, it opens a world of possibilities and boundless joy.

Salman Zafar

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