LlobreGats – A Saviour of Stray Cats

CatHotelLlobregats is a non-profit whose objective is helping to improve the life of stray cats who live in cities. The primary methods used by Llobregats are waste recycling/reuse and the TNR method (Trap, Neutered and Return). In only 50 stray cats colonies Llobregats has reused about 3 tons of materials and is always attentive to adapt and upcycle used items. In Barcelona alone, there are more than 800 colonies of stray cats.

Parts of refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, swing chains, plastic carafes, cooking utensils, methacrylate panels or any disused material can be adapted for reuse in these colonies

With trash bins of all sizes, plastic drums or horizontal freezers Llobregats have created CatDonalds (points where they have food and water protected 24 hours of the day) or CatHotels (these also have boxes of plastic porex, coming from medical centres, where cats can rest protected)

In this way is obtained a perfect cohabitation between detractors and defenders. Minimizing possible problems of cohabitation between humans and felines to the maximum. Avoiding plastic bags, trays of plastic and rests of food that causes bad smells and attract bugs.

CatDonalds – a two-wheeled container with a refrigerator shelf at the front to place the wet food when the volunteer goes to feed the colony

These trash bins they are being used internationally, we see them daily on the streets of our cities, so it’s not necessarily an expensive study, nor requests forms that slow down the process of adapting and install them.

Llobregats have been using this method for two years with great success. The day-to-day life of the felines is easier and the citizens see the environment of the colony like a pleasant place, decent, clean, curious and even decorated. They personalize every CatDonalds or CatHotel with adhesives or decorations from voluntary graffiti artists.

Llobregats study every colony and the materials at his disposition so that being the most useful, decorating and functional as possible.

Also, they share materials with Refuges, Animal Welfares Associations etc. In the actual globalized world, these chores for urban cats attract international attention. Greater and greater there are more persons that respect the rights of the animals and feel affinity to places where cats are respected and cared. Planning their vacations to visit those places, increasing the tourism and the fame.

Countries like Andorra already had a meeting with them. Associations of important cities like New York and Montreal are using multimedia material about construction of urban feline refuges in their courses. The past month Llobregats participated in the IX European Week of Waste Prevention with an online course that counted with a jury, formed for two writers with Hispanic international renown and the Cat Welfare Award, Agnès Dufau. Llobregats have also bagged the European Award of the Recycling.

Llobregats’ wish is that every feline colony can enjoy the best conditions, through the recycling and the reuse, preserving the environment and minimizing costs. For that they put their experience on the management of feline colonies at the disposition of the professionals, administrations and associations to carry out workshops, give talks, make projects.

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