Merge PDF Files Without Downloading A Software Using Gogopdf

A PDF file is a staple file format in every transaction that we have, may it be as a student, employee, or a normal human being. This is why everyone should keep themselves well-informed when it comes to PDF tools. Unfortunately, this is not a knowledge that is well-known by everyone.

The process of merging PDF files is done with software. That software has specific tools that enable you to modify your PDF file in the way that you want. The problem with this software is that sometimes it is expensive, and secondly, it requires a long and tiresome installation process and updates that could eat up a lot of your time.

Gogopdf, an alternative even better than software

When it comes to PDF merge and all the other works that require PDF editing, Gogopdf is the one website you can trust. It is an online platform created for users to have easy access to tools that enable editing on your PDF in the form of adding texts and pictures, highlighting, and even converting. It has a variety of quality services available for your disposal.

Swift and Dependable Process

Gogopdf is known for its high-quality service. It is true to all the tools they offer, from PDF editors to converters. The same goes for the Merger. The technology used in this tool is one of the best online. It can even be compared to software, only that it has a relatively low price. It is a steal if you need a merger yet are doubtful about investing in software.


Furthermore, the processes are done at high-speed. You have to upload your PDF in the order that you want, wait for the Merger to complete the process, and download the merged version on your device. Also, the platform is designed to be user-friendly too!

High level of Precision

You might be worried that in processing your file, there could be a possibility that some of the elements would be removed or copied in a sub-optimal quality. You would not want that, especially if you worked hard for your output. Fortunately, the preservation technology that operates Gogopdf has one of the highest levels of precision on the Internet, so worry not!

This means that the layout, including the texts, images, orientation, and even as meticulous as the margins and indentations, are identical to the raw file. What you upload will be the same as what you will be getting as a final result. This is especially important since accuracy is not always the case for other mergers. It is such a relief to find a website that cares about quality.

Browser and Platform Compatibility

Imagine finding a good platform that can do all the job done for you, yet you cannot run it on your device since it has an obsolete operating system that seems to be incompatible with the platform’s technology. The point is, a website could be excellent but can it work not just on your operating system but also on your device and the browser that you are using?

The answer is, some of the websites, no matter how good, can have that problem. Hence, Gogopdf will assure you that it has been tested and proven to work compatible with all major devices, operating systems, and even browsers. By then, you do not have to install another browser or borrow a laptop from your friend to access a merger.

Privacy and Security is guaranteed

In the current times that we live in, the Internet is almost part of everyone’s daily life; at work, school, government transactions, and even at home for entertainment purposes. It, being intertwined with our lives, raises privacy concerns. Since we deposit personal information in the servers of websites, do they work ethically to protect all of these?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. It is the exact reason why there is a necessity to read the Privacy policy of websites. As for Gogopdf, the privacy of the users is given the utmost respect. They enforce reliable encryption to protect all the data in their servers and even automatically deletes it an hour after the process is completed, enough for you to download.

Works side by side with Cloud storage

As mentioned above, the thing with software is that it requires a tedious process of installation and even update, and it is storage-consuming, which can cause lagging in your device. Both situations are undesirable as it means inconvenience; the last thing you want if you have a report is due in five minutes or a laptop with a low storage capacity.

For this reason, the most logical alternative is to use Gogopdf; it can match the quality of the software, but more than that, it uses cloud storage so that you could get rid of hassle installation and large storage consumption. All you have to do is to get your device ready and secure a stable Internet Connection. Rest assured, you will have your merged PDF in a minute or two.


When it comes to accessing a platform that will aid you in your work or school activities, choosing a platform for the sake of having something to use is not a good way to do it. You should be critical in looking at the services it offers and the features it possesses; because if you do not, it will cause you further inconvenience and even put your privacy at risk.

Salman Zafar

Originally posted 2021-01-22 11:27:28. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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