Introduction to Mediterranean Youth Climate Network (MYCN)

MYCNMediterranean region is highly vulnerable region to climate change impacts. Its land is being transformed into a desert and water stress is at an all-time high. Since we are all facing these challenges and threats, we decided on working to change climate change. We are working on raising environmental awareness and causing behavioral changes.

The Mediterranean Youth Climate Network, MYCN, was founded by seven entities: Arab Youth Climate Movement “AYCM” (MENA Region), CliMates (France), EcoPeace (Palestine), the Italian Climate Network “ICN” (Italy), the Leaders Club (Morocco), Moroccan Youth Climate Movement “MYCM” (Morocco), Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network MENA “WECAN” (MENA Region). The network charter was signed on November 15 at COP 22 in Marrakech, Morocco.

On 24, February 2017, ten representatives from the seven founding organization held the first general assembly in Barcelona in the Union for the Mediterranean, UFM. The UFM had funded the travel of seven representatives and provided logistical support. In addition, they showed their will for continues support when the Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean Amb. Fathallah Sijilmassi and the Deputy Secretary General on Energy & Climate Action Mr. Jorge Borrego visited the meeting room and discussed with the ten representatives the strategic partnership between UFM and MYCN.


The hard work started way back in March 2016 when the founding member start preparing for the first Mediterranean Youth Climate Forum. In the 17 of July 2016, on the occasion of Medcop Climate Tangier 2016, youth met in Tangier, Morocco for the first MYCF. MYCF was then transformed into The Mediterranean Youth Climate Network, MYCN.

MYCN will be a platform for youth around the Mediterranean to work together to cope with climate change and promote sustainable development in the region and beyond.

Nouhad Awwad

Nouhad Awwad holds a BSc. in environmental health and a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences with a concentration in environmental policy planning from the American University of Beirut. Nouhad also got a certificate from Duke University for completing One Health Program; in addition, she attended a course on U.S Foreign Policy in Global Era at Elliott School of International Affairs at the University of George Washington University.

She has been an online and offline environmental activist as well as working on numerous grassroots campaigns for climate justice issues she believes in. Currently, she is volunteering with the Arab Youth Climate Movement in Lebanon and The Mediterranean Youth Network. Nouhad was part of the Lebanese official delegation to COP21 and COP22. Nouhad attended COP23 as an observer since she was elected as YOUNGO focal point for 2017 in which she works to empower young people so that they have a voice at UNFCCC conferences, as well as to promote youth participation in climate change projects at the local and national levels. Nouhad tracks the NDCs for her country and other Arab states. Nouhad works to serve her interest in protecting the environment and applying humanitarian standards and codes, with the ultimate goal of safeguarding a sustainable future.

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