Everything To Know About Online PDF Merge Tool On PDFBear

Why is there a need to combine and merge multiple PDF documents? Well, handling one document is way easier than handing over two or three PDF files. PDF merger tools are much needed, and you can find one at PDFBear’s website. PDFBear’s merger combines PDF files with incredible ease and convenience.

Here are all the things you need to know about PDFBear’s online PDF merger. You should learn how to merge PDF files using this PDF merger. Subsequently, you’ll also know why PDFBear leads in providing this PDF optimization service. Read the rest of this article to learn more.

1. Effortless Merge Process

It’s essential, even necessary, to learn how PDFBear merges your PDF documents. This online tool will help you merge PDF with relative ease and convenience. You already know these qualities, but how does it merge multiple PDF documents? Well, it uses an incredibly straightforward four-step method in combining your PDF documents into a single PDF file.


This four-step online PDF merging process begins when you select and upload the PDF files you want to merge into the merger tool. You can also select, drag, and drop the files you’ve selected for a more effortless uploading alternative. Then, this PDF combiner will promptly merge your PDF files once you upload them. No need to click on anything as this PDF merger will automatically combine the files you upload.

You can make modifications and changes to your files. Once you complete making the adjustments, click and press on “Combine!” or “Merge PDF.” After a few moments, a downloadable PDF file should be ready to download to your desktop, laptop, or share to your Dropbox and Google Drive.

2. User-Friendly Online PDF Merger

This PDF merger tool is the easiest and quickest way to combine multiple PDF documents into one PDF file. You surely won’t find yourself confused along this PDF merging process, as the four-step method it uses is pretty straightforward. PDFBear even makes this four-step process visible on the PDF merger tool itself. In turn, you’ll have a reference while you merge your PDF files online.

PDFBear’s PDF merger tool is the quickest online alternative that you have in merging multiple PDF files. Anyone should be able to complete the entire Merge PDF process within a minute! Without a doubt, a PDF merger that doesn’t require you to wait before you can download a merged outcome is the optimal way to go. Merge multiple PDF files in only a minute through PDFBear!

Users won’t need to acquire any superior tech knowledge, skill, and savvy upon merging their PDF documents. All they need is to conveniently follow PDFBear’s four-step process in merging PDF documents online. It’s already on the converter tool itself, so you can gauge your process and download a merged outcome in no time!

3. Cost-Efficient and Effective

PDFBear provides an incredibly well-rounded PDF Merge tool for an incredibly cost-efficient price. PDFBear’s online PDF merger comes with all the qualities and features that would make merging PDF documents effortless. Subsequently, it pairs this well-rounded PDF merging process with a price that doesn’t break the bank. You can even merge and combine PDF documents for free on PDFBear!

Well, you can merge PDF documents for free to a certain extent. The unlimited number of merged PDF documents and processes comes with a subscription to PDFBear PRO. Yes, you may merge PDF for free, but when you hit the limit, you won’t be able to merge for free anymore until tomorrow. For unlimited merges, it starts at the low price of $5.99 a month. Subscribe to PDFBear PRO.


Unlimited PDF merge tasks aren’t the only feature that PDFBear PRO brings to the table. It also makes the entire process way easier by throwing in a couple of bonus features and perks. It even allows users to store their original PDF files and merge PDF documents through the Cloud!

4. Use Any Platform

You can use any platform you want upon merging PDF documents using this online PDF Combiner. You can use any operating system to merge PDF may it be Windows, Mac, or Linux. PDFBear doesn’t pose any restriction on access when you use other platforms that the ones stated above. Simply go to the PDFBear website and access this free PDF Merger tool.

With that said, anyone can use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer in merging PDF documents. Just see to it that you secure a stable Internet connection, as this PDF optimization process is web-based. 

What about mobile? Will users be able to bring this PDF Merger tool with them on their smartphones? Well, PDFBear perfectly works and continues to provide its services on any iOS or Android smartphone. Subsequently, secure a Wi-Fi connection or Data plan to merge multiple PDF documents through your smartphone.

5. Secure and Private

PDFBear’s online platform for online converters, editing, and optimization tools is secure and encrypted. Anyone who avails the services of PDFBear can do so without compromising the security of their files. Subsequently, it takes further measures to uphold the privacy of its users. 

Any files uploaded and merged through the PDFBear platform will automatically and permanently be deleted from the servers. This action should see to it that your files won’t get recycled and accessed by other users without your permission.


You can effectively optimize your PDF documents with this PDF Merger tool. PDFBear also has a PDF Compression tool in case the merged PDF document scales up a bit big in size. You can effectively handle any issues that handling any PDF file may bring. This tool is highly-rated for a reason as it brings convenient, effortless, and seamless PDF optimization.

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