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Provided that most tasks are time-bounded and must be finished faster, we must learn to adapt to these trending demands. Especially for handling electronic files, which are mostly in portable document format, we must have an alternative option for managing them better. If you feel like you do not need to invest in pricey Adobe programs, try out PDFBear.

PDFBear is an online PDF instrument that allows you to perform tasks with speed and efficiency. This tool is also ideal for those who only need a temporary PDF converter that handles fewer PDFs less frequently. We will learn how to use its PDF split, merge, converter, and more. Just have your PDF and internet connection ready, and then you can get started using PDFBear.


Individualizing PDF Pages With PDF Split

For better PDF management, we must learn how to manage PDF pages by uncovering how to combine and separate them from one another. You can stop Googling for other online split PDF and try out PDFBear as it works best. Provided that you have dozens of PDF pages compressed in one file, you can use PDFBear’s PDF split function.

If you find that there are various unnecessary pages merged in your PDF, it will be ideal for detaching them from the base file and individualizing them. On the PDFBear main page, you can see a lot of options to perform PDF tasks. For this kind of job, choose the “Split PDF” option and start by uploading your PDF to the PDFBear DropBox.

After uploading the PDF, you can start selecting the pages you want to remove from the base document. After exporting your selected pages, you can download them to your disk right away or copy-paste its URL to send it faster online. With this helpful tool, you can elevate your PDF management and have a more organized desktop with properly segregated PDFs.

Making a PDF Compilation Through PDF Merge

The second thing we have to learn to manage our PDFs better is to uncover the PDF merge function. If you learned how to individualize them with PDF split, this function is what we need to make a compilation out of your PDF pages. For instance, you have too many PDFs on your desktop, resulting in overcrowded folders and spaces. Then, PDF merge is your option.


If your concern is that you might end up with a heavier file, you need not worry as PDFs mostly come as more compact files. Your content remains consistent without increasing too much size unless your file contains high-quality images. Considering that numerous PDF pages are better to be compiled together rather than separated documents, try out the PDF merge.

Click on the “Merge PDF” option from the PDFBear main page and upload your PDFs. You can also start by uploading one PDF first before uploading the rest. After choosing all the necessary pages, click the merge PDF button, and PDFBear will start merging your files. Then, download your freshly merged PDFs and have yourself a more organized electronic file.

Converting Your Files To PDF

One of the most common inquiries for PDFs is a free PDF converter. Since the Adobe programs do not come for free, PDFBear will save your day and convert your usual files to PDF without spending a dime! As you well know, PDF is the ideal electronic file format to keep a more compact size and lesser formatting and compatibility issues.

With PDFBear, you can transform your files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, and HTML format to the portable document format within less than a minute. Once you have your files in PDF, you can also attain better quality printing, especially for Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations that commonly encounter printing issues.


JPGs are usually converted to PDF to avoid file sizing issues since JPGs are commonly larger, especially for high-quality images. HTML or webpages are converted to PDF since they are somewhat challenging to save if not in PDF form. Word documents are changed to PDF for the sole purpose of preventing formatting and compatibility issues with different MS versions.

Converting PDF To Other Formats

On the other hand, PDFBear also offers another converter that transforms your PDF to different file formats. Given that PDFs are the most comfortable file formats to use for faster share and print, why do we need this converter? You are probably aware that PDFs are very tricky to edit if you do not have the appropriate tools.

Also, PDFs are naturally less-adjustable than others, making them ideal only for their primary purposes of print and share. If you want to edit your files in a broader perspective, it is recommended to convert them to their most accessible format. Like for composed documents, convert them to Word. For spreadsheets, convert them back to MS Excel form.

You can check out the main page of PDFBear to see more options for these PDF conversions. With this fast working PDF converter, you become more efficient in your time and effort management. Again, PDF conversions were never given for free by Adobe in the first place so take advantage of this as early as possible!


If you still lack the confidence to try this free online instrument, take note that PDFBear works together with Solid Documents to ensure the quality of your required tasks. It also has an excellent working security system to safeguard your uploaded and processed PDF files despite being operated online.

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