Red Flags in Online Dating

4 Red Flags in Online Dating

Online dating has gained a massive rise in recent times. Various dating sites such as Tinder, Bumble, Match, OKCupid, eHarmony and others have been popular platforms for online video dating due to their features like video calling. Although these dating sites make it possible for you to get to know someone online, it still has some drawbacks about which we need to be aware.

Various people have come out with their toxic relationships, which started from these dating sites. Among them is a Youtuber Brittani Louise Taylor who confessed about being in a toxic and abusive relationship with Milos Mihajlovic, who she met on Tinder. And among many ethnic groups, Native Americans and Alaska Natives experience domestic and dating violence at higher rates. But not only in America, but Asians also get bitter experiences from these dating sites. Asian dating sites are also one of the most used platforms for online dating.

Everything from stalking to manipulation and even harassment can happen online. Healthy relationships make the basis for mental wellbeing and peace. So, it is necessary to spot such red flags, which make you aware of the type of relationship you would probably be in with the person you just met online.

This post will inform you about four red flags you need to be aware of while dating online.

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1. Incomplete Profile

If you find a profile on online dating sites with very few photos that are blurry or pictures that look like they’re from the Internet, then this is a clear red flag. The person behind the screen might not be the same person he/she is pretending to be in the profile. They could be trying to hide something or make you believe in something other than reality. It is important for you to get to know about the person, not the profile. People might be maskfishing on dating sites.

2. Sexual Hints Right from the Start

You might hope for a light-hearted pickup line after having a new match on the dating sites. But receiving sexually suggestive comments from your new match is quite fishy. You might just be looking for a hookup, but the level of respect you need to be treated with should not be any less. If the person you matched with sends you sexually appealing pictures without your consent and also asks you to send such pictures, then it is a clear indication of a red flag.

3. Disrespecting Your Boundaries

A new match in the dating sites who does not respect your online boundaries is an obvious red flag. That person will probably not respect your boundaries when it comes to larger issues in the relationship. Respecting boundaries ensures that the person is comfortable with certain situations in relationships. So, crossing boundaries should not be entertained in any way.

Red Flags in Online Dating

4. Controlling and Clingy

If your match tries to bring changes in different aspects of your life, like friends and families or your career, this is a clear sign of them being clingy and controlling. If they try to decide where you go and who you hang out with, it is one of the major red flags.

Jealousy and insecurity often fuel such manipulative behavior when you are dating online. It shows that they do not respect your time and boundaries, due to which they text you every now and then. If anything doesn’t happen as they want, they could also harass you and abuse you verbally online. So, clingy and controlling behavior is a clear red flag from the beginning itself.

Knowing about such red flags can save you a lot of time and help you use these sites for the purpose of dating in a much safer way.

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