how to get higher cannabis yields

The Secret to Higher Cannabis Yields

The goal of every cannabis grower is to get the highest yield possible. The more buds, the better. There are few highest yielding strains and new cultivators find it beneficial to learn about some tips that can help them obtain higher cannabis yields. With this guide, growers will learn these tips and prepare themselves for harvest.

What Factors Affect Cannabis Yield?

Multiple factors can influence the yield of cannabis plants. Being aware of these factors will help growers in choosing the right seeds and growing conditions. With higher cannabis yields come more bountiful buds. The following are some of the factors that may influence cannabis yield.

  • The strain of cannabis and its genetics
  • The plant’s density
  • The nutrients given during each phase of growth
  • The intensity of light

While genetics are important for a high yield, the proper growing conditions are even more necessary. Even strains that are meant to be high yielders will not grow as many buds without the right nutrients, light, and water.


Tips and Tricks to Increase Cannabis Yield

Maximizing yield is not as difficult as one may think. While it takes some practice to get accustomed to growing cannabis, the learning curve is favorable. The following offers some tips and tricks that will make increased cannabis yields easier to obtain.

  • Planning ahead is one of the most important things people can do when they want to increase their cannabis yield. Purchasing the best soil, lights, seeds, and nutrients will ensure a great harvest.
  • One of the biggest mistakes affecting yield is transplantation. While some cannabis varieties can handle the move, others become stunted in growth. New growers should find it advantageous to start their seeds or sprouts in the same pot they will grow in permanently.
  • Drainage is a substantial problem in many growing containers. When too much water sits in a pot, the cannabis plant can experience root rot. Proper drainage is a must. Choose growing pots that offer ample drainage.
  • Beginners often load their plants with too many nutrients, thinking more is better. Unfortunately, too many nutrients can lead to a lower yield. Cutting back on the nutrients will help increase bud production.
  • When it comes to a higher yield, growers must manage their pH. Soil pH plays an integral role in bud production. For the highest cannabis yield, growers need to aim for a pH range of 6.0 to 7.0.
  • Light is essential for a high bud yield. During the flowering stage of growth, cannabis needs 12 hours of light a day. Too much or too little light can both wreak havoc on a plant’s growth and stunt its bud production.
  • Not all training techniques work for all strains. Choosing the right technique is essential during the vegetative stage of growth. With proper training, all aspects of the cannabis plant receive the light they need for strong bud production.

how to get higher cannabis yields

Put These Tips Into Action

Those who are new to growing cannabis should consider starting with only a couple of plants. With only one or two cannabis plants, mistakes will not become as costly or stressful.

A small group of plants is also much easier to manage, especially for growers who are still learning the ropes of cannabis cultivation.

With the tips above, growers will discover that bud production on their plants begins to skyrocket. Once the flowering stage begins, cultivators can sit back and begin to watch their buds grow into beautiful harvests that are full of benefits. Get started now for your next harvest of cannabis.

Salman Zafar

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