Upciclo: India’s First Marketplace for Sustainable Living

Some do it because it is a trend, some do it because they don’t want to be left behind, some do it because their friends did it. Whatever your reason, going green is a better choice and it is now and always will be!

A Bengaluru, India-based enviro-citizen, a Mom to a bouncy 8-year old and a compulsive discipliner, Shazia Usman always cringed looking at the amount of plastic that has taken over our lives. An eye-opening conversation with her daughter made her realize that she can be the change she wants to see and thus was born Upciclo.

“Upciclo is a product of years of reading, studying and practicing a greener life. I don’t understand how people don’t get, how simple and straightforward it is, being sustainable. We need to take care of the surrounding we live in. With this at the heart of it all, aims at being a one-stop solution for everything sustainable in lifestyle segment,” explains Shazia.


Upciclo happens to be India’s first online market-place for upcycled, recycled, zero waste, and chemical-free lifestyle products. It is more than just a place where consumers can find their favourite environment-friendly products. It serves as an online platform for craftsmen, NGOs and artisans to tap into a ready customer-base and thus get opportunities to grow and contribute to the Indian economy.

Many small businesses have great expertise and produce niche, eco-friendly products but lack the marketing skills that will help them reach out to a wider audience. They may not even have the required technology abilities that can help them stand out in today’s digital world. It not only promotes a healthy and responsible living but creates an eco-system that can help back up this initiative which is on the rise,” adds Shazia.


Upciclo endeavors to promote ‘reuse’ and ‘reduce’ on products right from fashion accessories, to toys to furniture. Along with empowering women and remote workforce, it has come about to be a thriving online community that houses top brands to Make In India products; luxurious items to gifting options—all while being eco-friendly and taking one step towards a better tomorrow.

Salman Zafar

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