Insights into World Renewable Energy Forum 2018

Sharing the vision for Middle East, Africa and Turkey becoming a 100% renewables-electrified countries, M/s. Traicon Events takes pride in proposing a 2-day high profile gathering at Casablanca (Morocco) during December 10 – 11, 2018. The theme of the event is “Raising Investments across the MENAT Renewable Energy Sector to Move towards the Generation & Transmission of Clean and Sustainable Energy”.

Rationale behind WREF 2018

With a commendable rise from 5.4 % in 2016 to 363.9 GW by end of 2017 and expected target of about 547 GW and 6.2 % rise by end of 2025, Middle East & African markets are predominantly the ideal locations for green investments in the renewable energy sector.

Capital investment drive, in parallel is also undergoing significant changes, where natural gas remains dominant source of energy for the region compared to conventional fuel oil, protecting it as export reserves. Reducing dependability on uncertain natural gas supplies and increased energy security alongwith diversification of the energy mix is high on agenda.

With UAE aiming to generate more than 50 % of its energy from clean sources by 2025, Saudi Arabia planning to install 9.5 GW of new renewable energy generation capacity by 2023, Egypt recently launching Feed-in-Traffic scheme (FIT), Round I & Round III, in the Benban region, Morocco envisioning to open the World’s largest solar park and Turkey unveiling renewable energy projects worth US $ 641.2 million, with a remarkable decrement in the greenhouse gas emissions by 1,006,000 tonnes , surpassing their target of decreasing GHGs emissions by 300,000 tonnes, Middle East, Africa & Turkey ( MENAT) is establishing itself as the top destination for renewable energy technologies.

World Renewable Energy Forum 2018

The World Renewable Energy Forum 2018, an event classified to its industry, is a classic blend of Solution Providers, Solution Seekers, Investors, Regulatory bodies, Nodal Agencies, negotiating potential business opportunities in person, gaining Empirical Knowledge insights and visually demonstrating expertise.

The World Renewable Energy Forum 2018 is a premier platform with great networking opportunities with your potential business partners on a one to one basis, enhancing Business Opportunities, by giving your team access to engage directly with your target audience.

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