Which One Is Better, ZenBusiness or Rocket Lawyer?

When looking for an LLC service to help you out with business formation, entrepreneurs often choose between Rocket Lawyer and ZenBusiness since these are the names that always appear on the top of web searches. Besides, they are widely recommended by those who have already set up their businesses with these companies and not without a reason.

Both ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer are industry top-liners that have managed to carve themselves places on the top and have a lot going for them. Though ZenBusiness is a relatively young market player (founded in 2015) as compared to Rocket Lawyer that has been operating since 2008, it doesn’t lag behind and stands strong against the competitor. If you are here to know which of these companies is your best alternative, keep on reading.

What Is the Biggest Advantage of ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer?

Rocket Lawyer or ZenBusiness, each of these online services certainly has strong advantages, otherwise, they wouldn’t be so popular. However, before we delve into their fortes and pros, it should be noted that the companies are quite different from the start. To be more specific, they apply different approaches. With that, ZenBusiness is initially an LLC formation service focused on providing assistance in legal entity incorporations, and they really shine in this sphere.

Rocket Lawyer, on the other hand, is primarily a legal service provider aimed at ensuring legal help and support for businesses, and LLC formation is not their major but rather a part of those services.

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When it comes to LLC service prices, the companies follow different routes as well. Targeting varying business needs and financial capabilities of business owners, ZenBusiness offers three formation packages priced from $49 to $249. In the meantime, Rocket Lawyer throws at you two options, including a membership program at $39.99 per month and a separate LLC formation bundle at $99.99. As a legal company, they rather strive to sell direct monthly subscriptions to engage you in a long-term cooperation.

Besides, membership gives some benefits not embraced by the one-time formation package such as free legal consultations and discounts on attorney services, registered agent service, and next filings. Notably, you can cancel your subscription any time you feel like you don’t need it, so it’s a quite reasonable and attractive option for customers.

Advantages of ZenBusiness

  • Flexible pricing packages to match various business needs, situations, and scenarios that make ZenBusiness a choice for first-time entrepreneurs, smaller companies, and large-scale businesses alike.
  • A free year of registered agent services is an integral part of each pricing plan. No matter if you pay $49 or $249, you can rest assured your entity will have a registered agent for the upcoming year. The service renewal costs $119 annually, which is an average market rate.
  • Worry-Free Compliance service also included in all formation packages is a valuable option that will help you maintain your company’s good standing with the state.
  • Despite being relatively new to the industry, ZenBusiness boasts a solid market reputation proven by multiple five-star customer reviews.

Advantages of Rocket Lawyer

  • Complete legal services, covering options not only for the business but also for physical persons. Along with a whole wealth of attorney-reviewed legal forms and a rich legal library, they offer professional consultations held by experienced legal advisors. All services and valuable features are accessible via a monthly membership, and a 7-day trial period will let you understand whether you want to stay with Rocket Lawyers or not.
  • Top-notch customer support with extended working hours. Their help reps are there for you from 6 am to 6 pm on weekdays and are accessible via the phone, email, and live chat. Speaking of the latter, in the “Ask an attorney” section, you can get comprehensive and informative legal advice on any of your business-related questions. The customer service specialists are true experts who know their onions and never try to sell any services to you. They are really there to help.
  • Refund policy. Practicing a customer-oriented approach, Rocket Lawyers will pay your money back in case you are not satisfied with their services.

Do ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer Offer Refunds?

Not so many companies in this industry have a refund policy. It’s rather a rare feature than a common one. And, as stated above, Rocket Lawyers are one of those LLC inline services that do offer refunds. More than that, what they offer is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means they’ll pay back all the fees if you file a non-satisfaction claim within 30 days after placing an order or subscribing to the service. As an alternative, they can settle the problem or credit the money to your virtual account on their website so that you can use them for some other services.

By way of contrast, ZenBusiness has no refunds once they’ve filed your formation papers with the state. They only can pay back 50% of the paid fees if you reach them before the state filing is complete. Anyway, it depends upon your meeting quite a number of conditions. So, the chances to get any refund from ZenBusiness are quite vague.

ZenBusiness vs Rocket Lawyer: What Will You Choose?

To see how these companies stack up, feel free to check a detailed Rocket Lawyer vs ZenBusiness comparison. Yet, if you need a quick overview and our recommendations, here is what we think.


If you are on the market solely for a business formation service that will help you set up an LLC in a quick and affordable manner, ZenBusiness will be your winning choice. At $49, you’ll get a feature-rich service package to give the right legal start for your business. They will even provide your company with a registered agent for a whole year at no extra cost. To create the same formation plan with Rocket Lawyers, you’ll have to add a number of payable extras, including the registered agent service that will noticeably increase the final formation cost.

On the other hand, if you seek not only LLC formation but also reliable legal help for your business and your personal needs, a monthly Rocket Lawyer subscription is the way to go. Free attorney service along with comprehensive professional legal services are hard-to-beat values of this company. And you can make use of them as long as you need, at a fair monthly rate.

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