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Zero Waste Iftar Challenge 2022

Given that Ramadan is the month of blessings, we should proactively think of one blessing that is far too little thought about: our beautiful Planet Earth. We all know we are living in a time where environmental crises have reached an unprecedented level in human history. But let’s not talk about it, but do something!

Here’s the plan: a #ZeroWasteIftarChallenge2022! Whoop whoop!!

How does it work:


Plan your meal

Think of healthy dishes you can cook with ingredients you can purchase loose and without ANY packaging– no paper, no glass (except for those you can return or reuse), no aluminium cans, and of course no plastic. Also don’t prepare too much food- food waste is the worse waste and simple goes against the spirit of Ramadan!! (and let’s be honest- most of us can’t move after dates and soup!)

Prepare for shopping

Make a list of what you need to buy. Prepare containers, tupper, jars, tanks etc. for smaller things like olives, dates, cheese and meat; cloth bags for mushrooms, grains, lentils… Put it all in a big shopping tote and

Go organic

Quality over quantity (remember the after-dates-and-soup-feeling!)!! Purchase everything you can loose. For cheese, meat and antipasti hit the counter. The staff behind the counter is mostly very kind and professional about putting products in brought containers! Don’t forget to smile and thank them!



Try to use least amount of energy and water – you can use the same boiling water for several dishes. Meanwhile enjoy your favorite Holy Qur’an recording.

Bismillah and bon appetit

Don’t offer single use dishes or paper towels. Your favorite people will hit the bathroom when hands are dirty.

Spread the word

Make a picture of the trash you made OR your fingers making a zero, copy-paste this text, post it on social media with the hashtag #ZeroWasteIftarChallenge2022 and tag at least three people you want to challenge!

Let’s have a clean, green and trash-free Ramadan!

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