how does a virtual dressing room work

AR and AI Technologies for the Virtual Dressing Room

The unfortunate outbreak of coronavirus and the pandemic has brought a change in all sectors. It has changed the way people do their regular stuff like education, jobs, shopping and many more. Moreover, it had a significant impact globally to shift all the sectors online.

Out of all the other sectors, the apparel shopping sector faced a major blow for two primary reasons. The first was not being able to visit the store, and even if they had the option, everyone feared contracting the virus.

Hence, people avoided trials as far as possible. As a solution, new technologies have been implemented to develop virtual dressing rooms to allow them to see themselves fully dressed up in their chosen outfit.

What is a virtual dressing room?

The virtual dressing room is a tech solution running on mobile phones tailored to allow online users to try on clothes, shoes, and other accessories virtually without physically touching the product. It helps in reducing the number of abandonments in shopping carts and reduces the return rate.

This allows the company to gain profits by improving sales and increasing the annual turnover.

How does it work?

It has been curated using artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to put up three-dimensional (3D) models in real-time by taking the body avatar of the customer using their mobile phones.

In the virtual dressing room, often the user has to input the basic details like height, waist, arm length, and so on. Then the AR scans the body to create a 3D model while the AI uses machine learning and algorithms to simulate full-body 3D models of the customer in front of the camera.

The virtual dressing room solutions would help your brand represent the features of any person like gender, size, or fit. The Virtual reality technology overlays the scanned products on the 3D model of the consumer. In that way, they can see what the item looks like without wearing the product physically. This software also lets the consumers mix and match the colors and decide the appropriate fit and length of the dress.

how does a virtual dressing room work

Apart from apparel, here are some other items where the technology of virtual dressing room has been utilized-

  • Cosmetics: The AR and AI technologies allow customers to apply different hues of makeup such as foundations, eye shadows, bronzers with a click.
  • Furniture and home décor: AR and AI help the users see accurate 3D models of the furniture and visualize how that particular furniture would look in their apartments.
  • Watches: This is based on AR-tag technology where you can try out looks by wearing a band with specific markings identified by the camera and then placing the watches correctly.
  • Shoes: Here, a 3D structure of the feet is simulated then used to place the footwear correctly.
  • Glasses: Here, the AI and AR technology is used to detect facial landmarks and then put the chosen glasses on the shopper’s eyes.


You can visit the website to learn more about the virtual trial rooms and AR clothing try-on. It would also help you understand the benefits of introducing a virtual trial room to your business

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