A Glance at Top 10 Eco-Friendly School Projects

As a responsible citizen, student or parent, it is your duty to do all you can within your power to protect the environment. And what is the most popular way to get your voices heard than your school? As a student, it is highly likely that environmentally-friendly projects, which can also be classified as science projects, may be unpopular with the school administration, but should not deter you from getting involved. Furthermore, you’ll more likely get support from your fellow students and peers. If research projects are difficult for you and you repeatedly wonder “who could write my dissertation for me” or “who could do the project for me”, you can always seek help from professionals.

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In the United States, school buildings are the third biggest users of energy.  A mid-size school can reportedly spend around $1 million on energy costs each year and that figure is going up by around 19 percent every year. Meanwhile, schools are also one of the major sources of pollution and waste that is detrimental to the environment.

Nearly half of all schools (43 percent) have poor environmental conditions and 20 percent below average indoor air quality. Part of the problem is the degradation of the school buildings, reduced air circulation, and use of harmful building materials. All these can lead to various illnesses like asthma.

Schools also use lots of electronics, such as desktop computers and laptops, which creates environmental problems. It would be a good proposition to do proper data wiping to erase all sensitive information on hard drives. Read more about secure hard drive data wiping at this link

Eco-friendly school projects will teach students leadership skills and will help the students in understanding science’s role in the protection of environment and conservation of natural resources.

Here are top 10 eco-friendly school project ideas for you:

1. Organize and Cleanup the Classroom

Classrooms are filled with clutter. Cluttered surfaces, cupboards, and corners can accumulate mold and dust if not clean regularly. So, organize some classmates or parents if possible and de-clutter all the classrooms once a month.

2. Environment-friendly Cleaning Systems

This is one of the best environmental school projects for students to undertake. Most schools use toxic cleaning products, poisons, paints, and other chemicals and fertilizers that can harm the student’s health as well as to the maintenance and cleaning staffs. So, ask your school directors to use green and non-toxic alternatives instead.

3. Raise Funds for Air Quality Meters

Organize your fellow students and the parents to raise funds for installing air quality meters in and around the school premises. You can also ask the school administration to invest in air quality meters. The meters will notify everyone involved with the school to know the quality of the air they’re breathing.

4. Organize a Local Food Day

Organize a program in your school to let your fellow students be aware of the health benefits of local food. You can do this on a monthly basis or once every few months. You can also team up with local restaurants, farmers, or even food trucks to bring fresh, organic food to the school.

5. Establish a Green Student Club

By setting up a student club focusing on environmental causes, you can take environmental education into your own hands. Activities you can promote through the club may include campus-wide recycling initiatives, tree planting, campus cleanups, growing food in the school garden, and so on.

6. Set up Carpooling or Cycling Group

Find new and more efficient ways to commute to and from the school. Carpooling is a tested solution. However, if you and your fellow students live nearby, you can encourage them and their parents to consider biking or walking together.

7. Ask School To Install Energy Meter

Energy meters aren’t only a great way to learn about energy and how it works, it will also encourage them to conserve energy and water. Most schools have already gone ahead with this and have reported that it has been saving them on the school’s power, heat, and water costs. Microsoft Certification can help you in understanding in developing software and apps related to energy audit and energy conservation.


8. Remind Everyone About Energy Conservation

Sometimes it is the little things that make the most impact. Post energy conservation articles and signs throughout your school campus. Post reminders in every classroom, bathroom, hallway, teacher’s room, lunchroom, gym, and so on. It will remind the students and teachers to turn off lights when not in use, save water while washing, adjust the thermostats when leaving the rooms, not to waste paper etc.

Another great way to motivate students to apply energy-saving mindset is to organize some kind of a contest to do my assignment. For example, it can be an essay writing competition on topics related to ecological problems, alternative energy, etc. Don’t forget about small rewards for best paper writers and here you go – children have learned more about being more environmentally responsible and have become more engaged in your energy-saving activities.

9. Start a Water Bottle Campaign

You’ll be surprised how much waste you can reduce at your school if you ask the students and teachers to stop using disposable water bottles and other single-use plastic items. Instead, head a campaign encouraging students and teachers to refill their water containers from the school’s water fountains instead of buying a new one every time they want one.

10. Become a Human Xeriscaper

Usually, schools waste a huge amount of water while maintaining the lawns and landscaping using xeriscapers. The process is costly and wastes water. Instead, you and your students can volunteers as xeriscapers on a weekly basis. You can also ask the school administration to install plants that don’t need a lot of water.

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