Making Your Children Environmentally Smart

We all have the capacity to learn new ideas and different ways of thinking but there is little doubt that we are most receptive to change when we are still children. Teaching your children how to be environmentally smart involves an element of education and leading by example, and the end result if we all took that approach would be a better planet for them to grow up in.

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Involve Your Children

Critical to the success of making your children more environmentally aware is to make sure that they are actively involved in everything that you do towards a greener outlook. You need to start by explaining what energy conservation involves and what global warming and climate change means to them and the world in general.

Back to Nature

A great way to start educating your children about the need to be greener is to get out and about and explore and experience nature. Go for a walk in the countryside and let them experience the natural beauty that is around and them, explaining why nature is there to help us but we have to give it some help in return.



Children like to feel involved and explaining to them the importance of recycling household items and getting them to choose which items they think need to be recycled when you are clearing up in the kitchen and around the house, will make them feel like they are making an active contribution.

Get them to think about how you can reduce the amount of rubbish your produce each week and by making it seem more like a game, even the younger ones will enjoy getting involved.

Make a Game of It

You could even consider making the recycling ritual into a fun game that the children will enjoy playing. Try mounting a series of bins on the wall or lining them up next door to each other and then line up a number of items that are ready for disposal.

Challenge them to see how quickly that can sort the items into the right category and get them into the bin against the clock. They will enjoy the game and be learning about recycling at the same time. For more tips, visit the folks at

Energy Awareness

Another key aspect of making your children environmentally smart is teaching them about the importance of energy awareness. You need to educate your children about how the energy is produced that powers our homes and tell them why it is so important to reduce our usage as much as possible.


Lead by example, turn off the lights when you leave a room, make sure that the chargers are unplugged when they are not in use and turn the heating system down or even off if it is not needed.

Shock Tactics

If you are struggling to get the environmental message across or you don’t feel that your children quite understand the importance and implications of needing to be environmentally aware, try taking them to the local landfill in your area and let them see the vast amounts of rubbish being processed.

It may not be the best trip out they are likely to have but it could help to deliver a very important lesson and message about the world their growing up in.

Transforming your offsprings into environmentally smart children will not make you feel good but it could also save you money too.

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  1. In conjunction with the UWE, Falmouth University and the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, we are producing a 2-minute cartoon for youngsters including all the points raised by Ken Wilson. This will be aimed at global educational institutions for general distribution to primary schools. Thee cartoon will effectivel cover the subject matter contained in the followng link: 1.

    Monty Halls – Sec – SCCT – Reg 1121609 UK

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