6 Ways To Inspire Your Children To Live an Active Life

According to a report published by the World Health Organization, at present, the number of overweight or obese children in the world is nearly 340 million. Obesity in children causes a few immediate serious health risks like High blood pressure and high cholesterol, which are risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD), developing type 2 diabetes, sleeping disorder, and depression. The main reason why children develop overweight and become obese is they have the least interested and do less physical exercises.

Instead, they like to live a sedentary life by watching TV and playing video games. The best way to reduce childhood obesity is to get the children off the sofa and encourage them to participate in different physical activities by engaging them in an after school program that offers athletic activities that would help them stay active and healthy while boosting their confidence and skills the same time..  Below we have described 7 great ways that will encourage children to take part in different fitness activities and lessen the curse of obesity.


1. Cycling

Cycling is one of the most favorite outdoor activities in children. They like to do it alone, with another kid or with a group of children. Thus bike riding helps them to develop a strong social bond. It offers a few important health benefits including weight loss and practicing a low-impact cardio workout.

Children can also use bikes to commute between schools and the house. So, the riding habit will also reduce their transport cost. The popularity of bike riding which has no carbon footprint and thus greatly eco-friendly will never fade away.

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2. Dog-walking

It is highly likely that your family has a dog who requires regular exercise like walking. Delicate this dog walking routine to your kid. He will find a lot of fun and enjoy the task.  According to a study by the St George’s University of London, playing with dogs decreases a child’s obesity extensively.

Besides, children with dogs are happier, too, according to another study by Pets At Home, which showed that the strong bond that develops between child and dog can improve their mental health.

3. Trampoline

Children greatly love trampoline jumping. Not only fun but also when doing regularly, studies have shown that jumping on trampolines offers many physical, health and educational benefits for kids.  A few noticeable health benefits of trampoline jumping are development of motor skills, improved posture, and flexibility, increases physical endurance and gives heart a great workout. You can buy your own trampoline online or visit nearby trampoline parks in your city.

4. Skateboarding

Like bicycle riding, skating is another famous outside movement of kids. It is extraordinary diversion for them when they coast through the cool skateboards in the area. The fundamental fascination of skating is showing a few group cheering stunts

sustainable lifestyle outdoor activities
Outdoor activities can make you more focused on life goals.

And the health benefits of kids for skateboarding? This sport offers multitudes of benefits for kids which are burn calories. build muscles, relieve stress, and get rid of depression. You can read their review for choosing a best skateboard.

5. Kite flying

Kite flying is another fantastic way to bring children out in the fresh air. The activity is not such a strenuous one like a trampoline but it requires children’s concentration, patience, and coordination. So, kite flying activity will help to develop children’s mental well-being.

6. Playing with ball or Frisbee

Your goal is to bring children out of four walls and keep them running, right? Manage some free time and go to a park. Kick a football or throw a frisbee and tell your kids to bring that. Do it repeatedly and thus keep them running in a funny way.

According to health experts, participating in an outdoor activity with your teens like this one will make a better relationship with your kids and encourage them to share their thoughts with you.


Preventing childhood obesity has turned into a great challenge to parents due to children’s excessive obsession with video games, fast-food and Netflix. In this situation, if we cannot bring them out and make outdoor games enjoyable to them, they will gain more weight leading to living an unhealthy and poor life.

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