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Traveling with Teens? New Ways to Make it Awesome

It’s always amazing to create new memories with your family, but sometimes that can be difficult when your child is a teenager. We all need time off from work and the best way to relax and enjoy it is by traveling and discovering new places. It is exciting to travel with your family though it can also become stressful. Traveling with teens can be rewarding and extremely fun, but sometimes, it can make you feel anxious about all their mood changes and constant need for privacy. Fortunately, there are a few things that can help you get prepared and learn how to help everyone enjoy this adventure.

1. Let them pack their own things

This is an opportunity to teach them how to be more responsible and take care of their own things, so you need to let your teens do the packing themselves. See this as a part of the growing-up process that can help them prepare for future trips and going away to college. Help them make a list of all the essentials they’ll need and thus avoid overpacking.

In addition, it’s important to discuss with your teens the practical aspects of packing, especially the choice of luggage. Encourage them to use 55x40x23cm size cabin bags for short trips, as these are ideal for fitting in overhead compartments while meeting most airlines’ carry-on requirements. This not only helps them learn to pack within specific dimensions but also teaches them the value of traveling light. Understanding how to select and pack a bag efficiently is a skill that will serve them well in their future travels and in life.

Of course, you can go through everything in the end just to be sure they’ve packed everything and prevent making emergency stops because of a toothbrush or underwear they’ve forgotten.

2. Help them cherish travel memories

Let’s be honest – all teens are into taking selfies and writing about their daily routine, and you’re lucky if they want to be included in something that requires them to put down their phones. To make things more interesting, go old school by making them in charge of the family camera and letting them capture everything they find captivating through the camera lens.

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Apart from that, you can get them stylish diaries and let them write down their view of the trip, and these notes can turn out to be the most cherished possessions from their youth. You’ll be surprised how easily teens can write a compelling piece of prose, and you need to nurture that talent.

3. Get them involved

You need to include your teens in planning the trip and finding the perfect location and selecting family-friendly hotels – this will make them feel like they’re a part of the process and get them involved in the trip. However, be careful to prevent any potential issues they might have with your choice. What you need to do is narrow down the options and then let your children express the good and the bad sides of those places. This will help you see what problems you can expect by picking a place they hate.

One of the most interesting locations for teens is New Zealand and they can visit some of the most amazing locations where popular movies have been filmed. To be able to move around, you can book a car rental in Auckland and start your adventure from there.

4. Avoid things they’re not interested in

Just because you like to visit local museums and art shows doesn’t mean your teens will be amazed by these things as well. To avoid this, you can research the place you’re visiting beforehand and see if there’s something you all like. If not, be ready to make compromises and learn about each other’s interests.

traveling with teens

Also, try to find an activity that’s outside of everyone’s comfort zone and go through an exciting experience to see how your child deals with new and unknown things.

5. Don’t make a busy schedule

Every parent tends to do this, but it’s one of the things that annoy not only teenagers, but children in general. Running around all day every day can be truly exhausting and create a lot of drama caused by tiredness.

Obviously, you want to encourage your children to see everything worth seeing in the place you’re visiting, but it’s sometimes better to take some time off and spend it with the family. Your children will appreciate this and you can share what you have experienced so far and make plans for the rest of the vacation.

Bottom Line

Think about creating a new tradition on this holiday – it can be a game of peaks and lows at dinner while you share what you’ve liked and disliked on the trip thus far. Remember, this is an opportunity to get to know your children better and see how they behave now that they’re older.

It won’t be easy for your teenagers to ask you for permission all the time, so be sure to learn how to listen and make compromises. Surely, this might turn out to be a stressful vacation, but it could easily be quite amazing as well.

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