Ways To Make Your Hotel More Family Friendly

6 Unique Ways To Make Your Hotel More Family Friendly

Businessmen in the hotel industry are now targeting specific audiences to make their hotel stand out from the crowd. Traveling with one’s family, particularly children, is always exciting but hectic at the same time. Parents with little children frequently assess the hotel’s atmosphere and make decisions based on a general sense of familiarity.

Nowadays, getting around is often easier, and families with children account for a significant share of the traveling population, making them valuable segments for hospitality providers. Here are some practical suggestions for making your hotel more family-friendly.

1. Providing Safe And Comfortable Drive

It’s one thing if your car breaks down on your everyday commute, but what if it leaves your client stranded miles from anywhere? Car maintenance is required all year, but especially before a long and fun family road trip. Tires are critical for safety, comfort, and fuel efficiency, therefore it’s crucial to inspect them before driving the family around. All cars contain a number of components that must be maintained in order to function properly. Make sure you double-check these pieces before hitting the road.

Consider collaborating with automobile service providers who employ injected molded car part mold for durable and attractive components. Long car rides, particularly with children, are prone to squabbles. Driver weariness can result from such annoyance. As a result, provide puzzles, toys, storybooks, and other time-killing activities to keep children occupied.

2. Providing Kid’s Necessities

Traveling with a baby can be difficult, thus it isn’t very popular. However, hotel management may greatly benefit from this. by investing in the things considered simple and services that assist with baby care, your hotel will stand out from the competition. Cribs, baby trolleys, babysitting services, and playpens, nappy bins, and changing mats are just some of the items that your hotel should provide.

Should a callout medical visit be required, an agreement should be reached.

Kids menus with nutritious selections, kid-size pajamas and bathrobes, and innovative activities, such as bike tours and water sports, should be available for grownup kids.

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3. Creating Child-Friendly Spaces

LED strip lights can be used to assist create a calm, pleasant, and appealing environment in the kids’ room. In addition to providing a gentle light source that allows children to go asleep comfortably, bedroom lighting also aids in the relief of weariness produced by a demanding job and personal life, resulting in a soothing home environment.

outdoor activities for entire family

3014 led strip lights are a fantastic option in this case. The appropriate bedroom lighting may not only help your decor reflect your personal style, but it can also save you money as the manager. It is not only more affordable than ever before, but it’s also a more practical replacement for regular bulbs.

4. Find Ways To Babyproof Hotel Room

Most luxury hotels give the option of baby-proofing rooms before check-in. Good hotels will generously place plastic edges on all of their tables and cover any exposed electrical plugs. You have probably heard of individuals using painter’s tape or duct tape to cover outlets, seal windows, and keep mini bar fridges closed temporarily. Duct tape can leave a residue, so if your kids can’t get through it, a decent painter’s tape is a far better option.

5. All Harmful Items Should Be Kept Out Of Reach Of Children

A decent hotel will keep items out of reach of children. Items such as trash cans, which contain debris and a variety of germs should be kept away from children. Some hotels have curtain cords or rods that are long enough for curious children to grab, freestanding lamps that could be knocked over, coffee table books, loose decors within reaches, such as vases and bowls, all these can be termed as harmful items to kids.

Some simple items like easy-to-move table covers and any other items that can be found in hotel rooms that parents will want to identify and place where curious children cannot reach them should be kept away by the management. To reduce situations of children gaining access to guns and inflicting injury, security officers should put their weapons in a gun safe. Visit any wholesale gun safes stores and get one for your hotel.

Ways To Make Your Hotel More Family Friendly

6. All Doors Leading To The Balcony Should Be Lockable

As much as parents should avoid rooms with balconies especially if they have curious or climbing children, the hotel management should ensure the doors leading to balconies are lockable. Sliding glass and swinging doors leading to balconies in many hotels now include childproof locks. If your hotel doesn’t have enough locks, you’ll need to take extra precautions. If children are able to undo locks on their own, I’ve heard of parents duct-taping balcony doors shut. In this situation, a modest door alarm can be useful.


The first thing the hotel management and parents should do is explain to their children what they are permitted to do and what they are not allowed to do in the hotel room and in the communal areas of the property. This might be everything from opening doors to scarfing down that granola bar from the minibar to sprinting through the lobby. The aforementioned suggestions will assist hotel managers in creating family-friendly hotels with ease.

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