Why You Should Use Whiteboard Animation for Your Business

You may be looking for something different to spruce up your website’s design or engage your potential customers on social media. One of the things that you can try to make things interesting is to make explainer videos using whiteboard animation video. You can read more about this on this page here.

This may be the solution that can help your potential customers understand what your company is about. These explainer videos are usually used to tell a story, describe a particular system, motivate people, or sell products. They are very effective in communicating complex ideas because there are drawings, storytelling, and words involved.

Overall, many visitors find themselves attracted to how the hands are drawing the figures, and they usually find these fascinating. Increased retention and attention can make your prospects stay at your website, contributing to your ranking up.

Why Should You Use Whiteboard Animation?

1. You have a Complex Idea to Present

The business may be undergoing complex, technical, or intricate changes that the employees won’t understand alone. If this is a product, an explainer animated video can help them understand the systems and services better. Some are getting bored with these for live explanations, and they tend to move on to others because you didn’t get their attention.


You may be in the stage of pushing your services on a squeeze, sharing the new business processes with the staff, or have ideas that you want everyone to understand. With this, the animated handwriting software will help you draw pictures that will make others understand you better. You won’t have to draw anything because the images are generated automatically, and you can know about them on blogs available on the internet.

Visually complex, colorful, and fast-moving characters will catch attention. They are also fun to watch, and everyone will never be bored of the presentation.

2. Coverage for Many Ideas

This is similar to the example above. Whiteboard animation is an excellent tool if you want to cover large chunks of information for a short amount of time. This way, you can mesh and mold the ideas together to flow smoothly instead of jumping from one topic to another.

Topics are usually unfolding as the video goes on. You may want to picture a person thinking about what it means to be successful. There’s this character called Jim, who is the average and middle-aged worker that has a job which is eight hours a day. You may add a cloud where he’s thinking about buying a new car, house, phone, computers, getting married, and all the goals he wants to achieve before turning into a specific age.

If you’re a consulting company, you can present your brand or services to ensure that Jim can achieve what he needs in life. Read more about consulting firms at this url. Financial planners, insurance agents, real estate brokers, coaches, and others can be a massive help for people who are at the peak of their careers but are not sure how to manage their money. Some can offer retirement planning, investment opportunities, houses with locations in the metro, and many others.

All of these can be presented in a whiteboard video, and there’s a narrator that’s usually telling the progression of events. Sometimes, this is a good start on how you can get away with presenting multiple ideas at the same time, and this will tend to stick in many people’s minds too.

3. Get Attention for your Business

Many marketers have proven that whiteboard animation is as effective as business-to-business marketing. There’s the industrial feel that many people can relate to, especially in today’s times. The whiteboard videos are usually clean, and they can lend themselves very well in a corporate place. The services can put an edge for businesses to go up a notch from their competitors.

4. Avoid the Lousy Actors

The animations and the characters tell the story for you. At most, you can narrate the whole thing yourself, or a voice actor can do this professionally. The point with this is that you don’t have to hire actors that may play poorly in the video and not necessarily convince a lot of the audience.

This can save you a lot of money and embarrassment in the future. Many actors that are convincing and good at what they are doing can cost a premium. The bad ones can make the watchers cringe through the entire video and presentation, and this can be easily overthrown with the proper animation.

5. Planning to Use Social Media Marketing

You may want to use social media or YouTube as part of your marketing plan. If this is the case, your videos can generate revenues for you and introduce your brand in a better way if you use whiteboard animation. They lend themselves and mix in with the format in many social media and websites that they have a good chance of getting clicks, views, and sales.

You may want to know that YouTube alone gets more than 300 billion searches in just a month. You can share these kinds of traffic with the help of animation.

6. Tell a Compelling Story

You can compellingly tell your story using whiteboards. This is going to be communicated better with whiteboard animation. From your humble beginnings of working in a garage to hiring a building where all of your employees are currently working.

Disney proved a hundred years ago that animation would capture the audiences’ hearts no matter what their age is, and it’s no surprise that it will be the same for companies today. There’s no reason why you should deviate from the tradition.

7. Using Humor

Incorporating humor is possible with whiteboard stories. You can add a bit of zest in your presentation, and your visitors will surely get the laughs that they deserve. If you’re planning to hire amateur actors, know that they may be annoying or awkward when they try to be funny on camera. On the other hand, there’s the laid-back visuals and clean board where you can draw anything you want. This can help everyone to get on with humor.


8. You May Want to Use an Old Content for Audio

You may want to repurpose some old content on your website and make them fresh. You may have a speech, podcast, episodes, and more that you wish to utilize for blogs. If this is the case, you can pair the pre-existing audio that you have with this animation.

The content can be capitalized better, and they can bring fresher ideas for the people who were previously listening to them. It’s essentially similar to breathing a new life into audio that you decided to repurpose.

9. You’ll Be Sharing a Boring Subject

Boring presentations can make people fall asleep in no time. This can present ideas and services to your customers when you’re in the medical or legal field. If you want the concepts to be more understandable, then whiteboard animation can be an excellent way to utilize them. The narration and the drawings will help the audience understand better what they are watching.

Using Whiteboard Software as Sales Tools

You don’t only tell a story with whiteboards. Know that they are very effective when you want to deliver some of the sales messages for your customers. Many see their potential because they have styles that can be comparable to those PowerPoint presentations. Most often, the marketing team can offer pitches while the audience is engrossed in watching the videos.

Another advantage of this is it’s often distributed digitally. They can be deployed through emails or downloaded from specific sites. They can be convenient even if an in-person meeting is not possible because of a pandemic. The increased sales using whiteboard animations is almost guaranteed where the presentations have failed in the past.

You can communicate your message and ensure that these tools will make your company look more innovative. If you have advocacies, you can add them to the videos and help educate the viewers near you to do better. Some are inspiring others to be a better version of themselves or impact the issues in the environment. The illustrated information can come from something tangible, or you want to impart some of the details that are only in your imagination.

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