pros and cons of exceed ai and conversica

Comparing and Conversica’s Functionalities

A recent study found that 46% of B2B sales reps believe lead quantity and quality were their biggest challenges. Another study showed that 67% of lost sales were usually a result of sales reps not properly qualifying leads before taking them through the sales process. By utilizing AI sales assistants like and Conversica, your business can avoid making ineffective and costly decisions.

It is incredibly important for businesses to have efficient and effective lead qualification processes in order to compete and grow. Traditionally, sales reps had to spend a lot of their time engaging with leads before qualifying them as potential customers. They had to schedule their own meetings, answer frequently asked questions, and invest a lot of their attention in many different people. If you want to be a growing business, this method is not scalable and will require you to either hire more sales reps or exert more pressure on existing sales reps. and Conversica offer an alternative solution to replace traditional lead qualification. They both utilized the power of automation to help businesses create scalable and efficient lead qualification processes. However, they do have different capabilities that make them suitable for different kinds of businesses. Understanding each of their strengths and weaknesses can help you decide which product best fits your business.

Comparing and Conversica’s Functionalities and Conversica Capabilities and Conversica both utilize AI to serve their clients. Both of their products utilize machine learning to collect data and improve their performance over time. They are both programmed with natural language processing, which allows them to understand all sorts of phrases that go outside regular, programmed responses. They are both able to ask qualifying questions to prospects in order to reach a determination – whether they should be passed onto the sales reps or not. 55% of businesses that used chatbots reported seeing higher quality leads.

Advanced Chatbots To Help You Qualify Leads

69% of consumers say they prefer chatbots because of their ability to provide quick replies to simple questions. Chatbots never have any downtime, respond quickly to inquiries, and provide reliable and prompt answers. and Conversica both provide website chatbots and SMS functionalities, but their capabilities differ.

Conversica’s chatbot converses with prospects by utilizing button options or preset text. From the customer’s perspective, they can sometimes feel as if they are being guided to make a desired decision by the business. With’s chatbot, the customer will feel as if they are talking to a live sales rep. It is able to understand questions and phrases because of its extensive data collection and machine learning. It can ask clarifying questions to leads and schedule meetings for leads who have been deemed as qualified. With’s automated chatbots, your sales reps will have much more time to invest in higher impact activities.

Automated Scheduling and Handoff To Sales Teams

While chatbots and SMS capabilities are important, the handoff to the sales team is a crucial step in the sales cycle.’s product has a built-in scheduling tool, which allows your sales team to seamlessly transition the conversation from the chatbot. Your chatbot can schedule meetings for your sales reps and remind them when they’re coming up so that no conversation with qualified leads can slip through the cracks. With 77% of B2B buyers stating that their last purchase was very complex or difficult, you want to make sure that your sales process remains smooth and easy for your qualified leads.

Conversica’s tool also has the ability to schedule and hand off leads to sales teams, but it is only possible through integration with third-party tools. This can make it a difficult and frustrating sales process for both the lead and your sales team. It requires both people to use a variety of tools, which increases the chances of delays and confusion.

Personalized Emails For Customers

A recent study showed that emails with personalized subject lines were 26% more likely to be opened compared to those with generic subject lines. Another found that 72% of consumers only engage with personalized messaging. Consumers don’t want to be considered a means to an end – they want their individualized needs cared for, and they appreciate when businesses make an effort to know who they are and what they need.

pros and cons of exceed ai and conversica

If you believe your leads do not require much consideration before converting and are fine with standard email templates with limitations on customization, Conversica may work well for you. The tool does not have much flexibility when it comes to customization, but that may not be a problem if sending simple, generic emails is fine for your business.

If you want to create personalized emails for your leads, provides you with many tools that make it easy for you to do so. It gives you the ability to fully customize your email copy and make it distinct for individual customers. It allows you to ask clarifying questions to qualify leads, implement custom playbooks for your sales reps, and has easy integration with the chatbot. Even interested leads who are out of office can be captured – has the ability to identify people who are out of the office and schedule reminder messages to them on their return dates.

Conclusion and Conversica are both effective solutions for businesses that want to move away from traditional lead qualification processes. Their capabilities are different, but they both provide value to various businesses by saving them time and effort with intelligent chatbots, automated scheduling, and customizable emails. Using this guide, we hope you gained a better understanding of the capabilities of the two tools.

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