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How Email Marketing Can Boost Sales?

No, email marketing isn’t dead! It is still going strong even if today’s consumers are obsessed with social media. Is it worth to make email marketing a part of your strategy? Absolutely yes! Keep reading below to find out why email marketing is still relevant and how to nail your sales campaign.

With all the buzz around social media, video, AI, VR, and chatbots, it sometimes seems like emails have become passe. But this is far from being true, and you are missing many sales opportunities if you ignore this marketing tool.

There are 4.03 billion email users worldwide, and the figure is actually set to grow to 4.4 billion users by 2023. That’s half of the world’s population!

What’s more, nearly 306.4 billion emails were sent and received every day this year. And, four years from now, it is expected that roughly 361.6 billion emails will be sent and received daily.

Moreover, on average, email marketing brings the highest overall ROI compared to other marketing techniques, which is an exciting 4,000%, meaning $40 ROI for every dollar you spend on your email marketing campaign.

What exactly is email marketing? And, more importantly, how can it help your business? Keep reading below to find out.

Email marketing explained

It isn’t difficult to guess what email marketing is. It is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending emails to prospects and customers. The purpose of an email marketing campaign can be various, including to convert prospects into customers, to make existing customers loyal, or to promote a new product or service of your business.


Email marketing allows you to create targeted and personalized messages based on the goal of your campaign. For example, if you are reaching out to existing customers, you can create a “Thank you” email to make them feel important for your business and thank them for buying with your business.

Or, if you are reaching out to prospects you want to turn into customers, you can create a personalized message to invite them to visit your website and present your most advantageous offers.

Benefits of email marketing

Now you know what email marketing is, but now it’s time to get into why email marketing is so essential for your business. Let’s talk about that now.

We’ve already mentioned the fact that email marketing has an ROI of 4000%. But this isn’t the only benefit of using this marketing technique.

1. It’s cost-effective

Email marketing costs a lot less compared to many other forms of marketing such as paid ads or video marketing. There are no advertising fees, as well as no printing or media space costs.

2. Allows personalization

With email marketing, software you can easily personalize messages. For example, you can include each recipient’s name in the subject, which can improve opening rates. You can also make sure that your content is received by prospects or customers that find it relevant.

3. It’s easy to measure your campaign results

Evaluating the success of your email campaign is really easy. You can use web analytics software to test different copy, subject lines, or designs to see which of them bring the best results. This way, you can optimize and improve future campaigns.

4. It’s less intrusive

Unlike telephone marketing, for example, email marketing is less disturbing and intrusive because the recipients can read your mail at a time that suits them best. What’s more, customers can update their preferences regarding your message. For example, if they no longer want to receive emails from you, they can unsubscribe.

5. It’s time-efficient

Email marketing allows the use of automation. For example, emails get automatically sent based on the actions your customers or prospects complete on your website. Suppose a prospect abandons an online shopping cart on your websites. You can automatically send them a message with a discount to convince them to come back and go through the purchase process.

6. It’s suitable for any business goal

Whatever you want to attract new customers, to make existing customers loyal, to promote a product or service from your business, or to increase brand awareness, email marketing is a suitable technique to achieve all these goals.


How to create an effective marketing email?

Now you know exactly what email marketing is, its benefits, and how it can help your business to increase sales. Yet, for your marketing campaign to be effective, you need to get it right. We have a few tips on how to create an effective campaign.

1. Write an eye-catching subject line

The subject line is the first thing recipients see about your email. So, the subject line is your best shot to convince them to open the message and read the rest of your content. Make sure you write an interesting subject line that is clear, actionable, and personalized.

2. Optimize your email for mobile

Did you know that one out of every three clicks in an email occurs on a mobile device? That’s why you need to make sure your email is designed for all devices, including desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Choose images that are optimized for mobile devices and structure the written content of your email in a way that looks good even when read from a mobile device.

3. Include personalization elements

Personalization is king in marketing these days. Today’s customers are bombarded with emails and ads that feel very impersonal. Make sure your emails don’t feel this way if you want to engage the recipients. Write every email like you are sending it to a close friend. Include the recipient’s name in the subject line and the beginning of your email, and make sure your copy is relevant to the recipient.

4. Add calls-to-action

Once you catch the recipient’s attention and convince them to open your email and go through your copy, it’s time to add a call-to-action that tells them what you want them to do, be it purchase your product, visit your website, or come to your brick-and-mortar store.

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