Services-EnvironmentCleantech Solutions is a well-known consultancy, advisory, training, digital marketing and content-creation with expertise in all environmental sectors including renewable energy, environmental monitoring, solid waste management, industrial waste management, recycling, environmental education, sustainable development and all related  areas.

Cleantech Solutions provide a wide range of services including but not limited to project studies, due diligence, market intelligence, baseline surveys, equipment supply, professional training, content creation and digital marketing.

Cleantech Solutions has a wide client base made up of national and international companies, entrepreneurs, consultants and researchers.

Our Services

  • Consultancy
  • Project Studies (EIA, Baseline Surveys, Feasibility Study, Risk Analysis etc)
  • Market Intelligence Reports
  • Professional Training
  • Content Creation
  • Environmental Laboratory Setup
  • Environmental Equipment Supply
  • Air Pollution Control (especially online monitoring)
  • Environmental Education

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