Why Is Everyone Getting Pregnant But Me?

Sometimes life may seem unfair to others up to the extent that one begins to think otherwise. If you are a woman and have been in this world for the last many years without having a baby of your own making, being at piece can be alien to you. You walk around and see every woman around you getting pregnant and friends breaking several pregnancy news to you and you just don`t understand yourself. Sometimes its an issue that has even caused some rift between you and your partner. You have done all the attempts to visit a doctor for consultation over not getting pregnant but nothing positive seems to come your way.

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There as several issues that may cause a woman not to get pregnant during a certain period. Sometimes, pregnancy is just delayed. However, that should not be reason big enough to conclude that you may not get pregnant again. You only need to be patient and wait for your day.

I believe everybody is aware of the famous quote that every dog with its day. I know of a friend who had not got pregnant for more than 15 years. She had been in that kind of frustration and depression for all that time but when her right time came, I am proud to share with you that she actually got pregnant and now she has three children.

Just some few weeks ago when I walked into my working place, I was so much disappointment when I realized that my boss was literally crying in her office. I did not know what was happening and so I kept silent until she stopped crying. When I asked her the problem, she told me that her neighbor had dabbed her sterile woman that day in the morning when there were some small disagreement between them. It was so painful to bear it and she had to cry. I offered her my advice and encouraged her to keep on waiting and that one day God will answer her prayer.

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There are several women like my boss who are really looking forward to getting pregnant. It is therefore a common phenomenon among women that should not worry any of them. If you have not been diagnosed by a medical doctor and results show that you are a sterile woman then you should be patient.

Your day will come and you will definitely have a baby. Remember that you should not compare yourself with others. You are completely different from the rest even if she is your twin sister.


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