Reasons Why Women Terminate Pregnancy

Women sometimes have abortions because of personal reasons. Knowing why they can do this can correct most of the public’s misconceptions about the issue and give some compassion. How then do women decide that this is the best thing for the unborn child, themselves, and other family members?

For many women, talking about abortion to someone can feel like setting themselves up for judgment and public ire. After all, this is one of the most stigmatized procedure in many abortion clinics in Charlotte, and this is something that you can’t just talk to anyone. The decision to go through the process can be a highly personal one. Reasons are showing almost similar reasons why women terminate pregnancy is chosen.

Common Reasons

  • Not financially ready
  • Bad timing, unplanned, not ready
  • Reasons related to partner (doesn’t want to be a single mother, not supportive partners, an abusive relationship, wrong guy, the relationship is new, the partner does not want the baby)
  • Other children should be focused on
  • Not mentally or emotionally prepared
  • Interference with vocational and other educational plans
  • Has a disease where pregnancy can be dangerous
  • Health-related reasons like the overall health of the unborn fetus, non-prescription drugs, tobacco)
  • Family and friends’ influence
  • Doesn’t want the baby

Many women who answered the survey done by researchers between 2008 and 2010 answered open-ended questions rather than choosing checklists’ boxes. Some of the answers included having completed their childbearing years, having a little one would dramatically change their lives, and doesn’t want the people around them that they’ve had sex and got pregnant. Read more reasons when you click here.

In general, the younger ones are the most unprepared for the transition. Older women indicated that childbearing would be dangerous for them, according to their GPs, and others have had enough children to focus on, and they are already responsible for a lot of broods.

Misconceptions to Know

It’s an understatement to say that pregnancy termination is done only for convenience purposes, and it provides an easy way out for many women. The truth is that abortion is a very complicated issue, and many who are faced with this should not take it lightly.


Women of every race, age, parity, income level, and education choose this citing reason concerning financial stability, problems that the unborn child may have in the future, and the survival of the current dependents in a family.

Many are basing decisions on their financial state and capacity, which is far from having the easy way out. For others, it’s the most painful event in their lives, and full consideration is given to the unborn child.

Suppose a child will be born in a poverty-stricken family with ten other children waiting to be fed, abusive parents, and will be physically challenged for the rest of his or her life. In that case, there’s a chance that the mother and the unborn will die if the birth proceeds, then it may be better to end things in the early stages. This is always a decision that will haunt the mother for the rest of her life.

The Complexity of the Decision

Common judgments are often given to women who didn’t use birth control and that they were irresponsible. But the truth is that over 50% of unplanned pregnancies were using birth control. When they were faced with the stark reality that the method has failed, some don’t know what to do. After all, abortion is against their religious and moral beliefs, but not for all.

Debates for abortion makes it a more complicated issue. This is usually heart-wrenching for the people involved, and it’s a solution considered by many medical practitioners, especially if the mother’s life is in danger. Research is further establishing that many examine the moral aspects of the procedure first before making their final decisions.


There’s the debate over women believing that the process of abortion is sinful and wrong. At the same time, many are also assuming that having a child whom you would not be able to support and letting them suffer is sinful as well. Abortion can be the most responsible and correct choice that they were given. The complexity is usually seen in how difficult and intense it’s going to be when a woman decides what to do.

Overall Results of the Studies

The Guttmacher Institute conducted a study worldwide, and the most reported reasons to postpone childbearing has something to do with socioeconomic standing, the relationship of mother to the father of the unborn, desire to continue education, wanting to provide a better life to existing children, unemployment, inability to afford medical and daily expenses, too young to become a mom and a lot of other reasons.

With those few exceptions, the younger and older married women have higher chances of limiting their childbearing abilities. These groups are more likely to get an abortion in many countries around the world. The decision is more than just a single factor, and many are weighing their options carefully with public opinion in mind. Read more about this here.

A Final Word

Knowing the reasons why women terminate pregnancy will help the public to understand better why this is happening in society. This corrects and prevents misconceptions in general. There are clinics in Charlotte that will make women understand more about their choices and discuss the current state of their health and see what other methods are available to them. The complexity of this resolution is multi-faceted, and this is something that should never be taken lightly.

Salman Zafar

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