Pampering in Pregnancy: How to be Safe while Traveling

Traveling can sometimes be stressful even if you’re not pregnant, but if you are, there are some things you need to pay attention to. As long as everything is going well with your pregnancy, you can enjoy time off and pamper yourself before all those sleepless nights come. Be prepared for people wanting to stop you from going anywhere farther from your doctor, though, but if you’re prepared and organized, there’s no need to stop doing these fun things. In addition to that, this can be a great way to reduce your stress level, take some time to clear your thoughts, and prepare for the most important role in your life.


Get your OB-GYN’s permission

This is the first and most important step. No one knows your pregnancy better than your doctor and you need to get the approval so you know it’s safe to travel. Before booking a trip, talk to your doctor and see if you can travel by plane, take a long drive, or go on a boat ride. These are all useful details and it’s better to know them in advance rather than risk along the way.

Also, ask your doctor for medications you can use if something happens – anything from a severe headache to tiring back pain to treating mosquito bites. Be sure you don’t have a big check-up during your trip because it’s not worth missing an appointment because of a trip.


Detailed planning

When you weren’t pregnant, you probably didn’t plan every step of your trip in so many details, but this will be necessary now. Even if you plan on resting most of the time, it’s important to create a balance between being active and taking some time to take a step back and relax.

Apart from that, you need to know all the activities you’ll be enjoying so you can pack and make sure they won’t jeopardize your pregnancy. Talk to your partner and make sure you both get what you want from this holiday. Don’t plan on doing things on your own because being alone in a strange place isn’t safe at all, especially if something bad happens.

Decide on the location

If you decide to pamper yourself, think about a place you’ve always wanted to visit. For example, Australia has always been one of the top destinations for many travelers. Everyone from solo travelers and people with children to those who are like you and are going on the last holiday as a couple. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy what this sunny place has to offer.


hose who’d like to experience it to the fullest might want to get a car rental in Sydney and research all the possibilities. You’ll find that no matter what type of adventure you choose and you’ll create so many memories and you’re going to want to repeat this trip with your baby.

Health insurance is a must

Going to a different country means going to a place with a medical system you know nothing about. That’s why having health insurance is a must and you need to find an option that works for pregnant women because you’ll want to be sure you’re safe.

Check with your insurance company that you’re covered for emergencies and make sure you include insurance for the delivery and the baby if you find yourself in labor during your trip. Taking precautions and being covered is always better than worrying about things when it’s too late.

Think about food

Going to another country means you’ll be able to explore their delicious cuisine, which is always amazing, but you’ll need to be careful with the food you eat because you’re not familiar with all the tastes, spices, and ingredients certain new dishes can contain. In the first day or two, try eating something you know that won’t cause you sickness, just to ensure a smooth transition after traveling.


Try to avoid all those ingredients you’re not allowed to take, such as drinking coffee, to avoid having problems during your trip. Talk to waiters and chefs about the dishes you’ll want to order and tell them to adjust them for you. You’ll be surprised how patient and careful people are when it comes to pregnant women and their safety!

Even though you need to be careful, try not to overthink everything because that can cause stress and if you combine that with being in an unknown place, your trip can easily be ruined. Try to think about your baby every time you feel stressed and that should help you relax and enjoy exploring new parts of the world. Soon enough you’ll become a mom, and the next time you start planning a trip you’ll have to include your baby into your plans as well!

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