automation in agriculture industry

The Rise of Robotics in Farming Industry

The use of robotics is transforming many industrial sectors, but few as much as farming. The farming industry was originally slow to embrace robotics and automation, but now the agricultural robotics market is expected to reach an eye-watering $11.58 billion by 2025. Robots, drones and automation can be used in many agricultural applications and help by improving efficiency, reducing costs, reducing wastage and making work easier for farmers.


So, what kind of farming robots are being used and how are they helping today’s farmers? Drones can play a major role in farming in today’s day and age and be used in many different ways, including crop monitoring, soil assessment, fertility, harvest planning, irrigation planning and much more.

Robots and Automation

Robots that can weed, hoe and assist during harvesting are also common and can make farming much less labour-intensive and increase output along with commercial mowers, robotic fruit pickers and incredible farming exoskeletons that improve performance and make farming less labour-intensive (this is helpful for ageing farmers).

automation in agriculture industry

Transforming Farming

All of these robots and more are completely changing the way in which a modern farm operates and what they are capable of. Replacing old, mechanical and heavy machinery with drones and robots can not only make farming much easier but it can also make food production more sustainable, reduce costs, improve performance by using data and much more.

Vertical Farming

Those that embrace modern technology in farming can do much more than they could 20 years ago, especially when you look at the rise of vertical farming which allows farmers to operate greenhouses 24/7 that can increase yields per square foot by over 10 times that of traditional farming. This is not only profitable for the farmer but it is also more sustainable and can help to address food shortages.

robotics in agriculture
Laurus’ robot picking up grown-up salad

Diversification and Risk

The diversification of the farming industry is exciting and it is certainly an industry going through growth with robotics, sustainability, farmer shops and experiences like glamping, but it is important to note that with diversification there is always risk. This is why choosing the right farming insurance is so important because it can provide important financial protection against many threats to the business as well as help to provide peace of mind for farmers knowing that their business and livelihood is protected.

It is an exciting time in the farming industry with technology improving mass food production in many different ways. Embracing new technology can help a farmer to find new levels of success and it will be exciting to see what the future holds.

Salman Zafar

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