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6 Evolving Trends in Software Development in 2022

In years past, the progress made in the custom software development process has created a necessity for custom software companies to still be on track. Although this particular year was hindered due to the global pandemic that impacted all industries.

It can also be rephrased that the effects of the pandemic paralyzed most industries but software development did not stop. Their trends keep on increasing at an amazing pace.

On this note, we have no choice but to adapt to the new environment making do with the technology that we have at hand. For example, in terms of mobile app development and so on. Many new technologies and companies have emerged and evolved due to the necessities of the populace. With these, we expect new trends and we also expect them to grow in this year 2022.

Let’s discuss some of the evolving trends that are expected in custom software development in 2022.

1. Native and Progressive Applications

At FortySeven, we aim at projecting the best services possible. Therefore focusing on developing progressive applications for specific purposes. The main focus of IT now is smartphones. iOS and Androids are the two most effective systems now for native app development. Such applications improve the performance of users and create a user-friendly experience by a significant margin.

Progressive Web Apps are also making waves in the environment. PWA are applications that are based on the latest APIs (Applications Programming Interface) to provide an improved user experience. Below are some features and benefits of these Progressive Web Apps.

  • They have higher capabilities.
  • They load much faster avoiding the bounce rate.
  • They work as a separate window on any device.
  • Installing such applications on your device improves their capabilities, they are however limited when using a browser version.

All the benefits that this application presents are bound to continue as top trends throughout 2022.

2. Cloud Inputting

As more companies emerged, they adopt software modernization and digital transformation, all their data are now saved in the clouds. It’s the most effective way of saving data in this era and it’s also very convenient. Cloud is simply ‘someone else’s computer.’

Almost any company you can think of now uses cloud services provided by one of the anchors. Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. These are the leaders in cloud inputting.

There’s no argument that in 2022, there would be a massive migration to these cloud platforms. Now, this will call for the attention of custom software developers as new cloud technologies will be enforced to meet these demands and reinforce security terms unless it will be risky to move data to the cloud.

Check out this article if you want to know about the best cloud file manager.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things refers to the process of connecting various devices to create a network. Various devices virtually mean any device, ranging from cars, kitchen amenities, factory machines, and so on.

Internet of Things

Especially during the pandemic when human contact was limited, the Internet of Things is still skyrocketing. A very good example of such is the local health care center. They were forced to implement the technology on a large scale.

Home offices are also very productive as home assistants help in scheduling and planning activities. Communication among employees is now efficient as software development becomes more and more reliable.

4. Growth of Outsourcing

Most companies now chose to outsource their projects. Outsourcing allows us to reduce the costs of hiring in-house developers. Getting a software development team through a custom software agency is much cheaper and convenient. It also provides greater expertise, efficiency, flexibility, more chances for in-house employees, and savings in available resources. It is best to hire developers on a platform that specializes in IT and can offer the best professionals in the market.

This trend won’t stop but continue in 2022.

5. Human Augmentation

It’s now very obvious that humans want to create a better version of themselves. Augmentation is a technology that’s interrelated with the human body and has become an extension of them.

Its appliance to computers is something that is still under research and there’s considerable progress in that aspect of augmentation.

Although some of this concept is still a concept the potential that it promises is enormous and unlimited.

6. Artificial Intelligence

Many software development companies are already making good use of technologies based on artificial intelligence but the trend is still developing and improving as it progresses.

According to IDC, Artificial Intelligence revenues are expected to reach $156.5 billion and that is more than 12% growth from 2019.

trends in software development

Artificial intelligence has much relevance in business and is one of its most prominent branches in Cybersecurity. AI can identify patterns of activities and malicious software that can pose a potential threat. In addition, it’s easier to detect data breaches and suspicious IP addresses. Because of this, implementing AI on the security side of businesses helps custom software development companies to be as secure as possible.

AI also helps in hyper-automation. It’s usually said that anything that can be automated should be automated. Therefore, software developers are constantly struggling to achieve that goal by using artificial intelligence and machine coding to increase the functionality and quality of daily life.

I also believe that we have noticed the rising trend of chatbots in-app and websites development that makes use of strong programming languages. Artificial Intelligence chatbots have already replaced human assistance and customer services. The importance of AI in native app development enhances customer experience and app usability.

Although the performance of chatbots seems far beyond human comprehension, technologists are to make it humane as possible.

In 2022, there’s a high tendency that we will see a lot of improvement in the branch of Artificial Intelligence.

Join us at FortySeven as we help existing companies to innovate with technologies. FortySeven software professionals provide the best technical team to fit your development needs and recommendations.

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