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Things to Know About Internet Security for Businesses

With cyberattacks increasing at an alarming rate worldwide, Internet security has become an essential aspect of all businesses, whether large-scale or small. Internet security involves the protection of your computer systems and information from unauthorized access, modification or destruction, with infosec solutions like privileged session management becoming increasingly important to businesses of all sizes. It is becoming increasingly important to invest in Internet security systems in order to protect IT equipment, IT-based services, customer data and information base as cyberattacks can lead to financial losses, increased operating costs and damage to credibility.

Read on to know more about the types of cyberattacks and how to use cybersecurity measures to protect your business:

Types of Cyberattacks

Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and devising complex methods to circumvent Internet security protocols. Therefore, it is very important to know about the different types of cyberattacks.

1. DDoS

The DDoS attack, also known as dedicated denial of service attack, refers to the blockage of legitimate access to networks, services or applications by exhausting resources. The cyberattacker usually ask for a ransom to regain access to files.


2. Malwares and Trojan horses

These are used to infect the systems through emails, external storage devices and malicious websites which results in the system being hijacked without you even realizing.

3. Botnets and Zombies

Botnets are hard to detect programs primarily aimed at data theft from computers. developed with the intention of stealing data from a system. Botnet is a collection of infected computers, known as zombies, that are connected to a central controller (or botnet) which takes over the control of all the zombie systems.

4. Fake security warning

Popularly known as scareware, this kind of cyberattack involves the use of fake pop-up warnings that your system is infected and then tricking you to downloading and paying for the ‘special’ program to safeguard the system. The program is, infact, an encoded malware that is used to hijack the system and steal information.

Internet Security Measures for Businesses

If your business has an online presence, there is always a risk of cyberattacks. It is essential for businesses to invest in advanced cybersecurity systems like Irdeto and adopt best practices to prevent data theft and other Internet security issues. Read on to know more:

1. Use a reliable anti-virus software

A reliable anti-virus program is designed to prevent most of the malware attacks. It is essential to regularly scan your system for malicious programs. It is also important to update the anti-virus software frequently as the malwares are advancing at a real quick rate and you need to have a strong defense against any hacking attempts.

2. Use strong passwords

Being negligent to passwords is one of the biggest Internet security threats for businesses all over the globe. Making use of strong passwords – a combination of both uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers and special characters – is an effective method to lower the risk of cyberattacks. It is also advisable to change the passwords regularly to keep cybercriminals at bay.

cybersecurity for businesses

3. Use VPN

Due to a rapid rise of remote working due to the pandemic, there is a greater risk of cyber snooping and unauthorized access thus creating digital security threats for businesses. A virtual private network, commonly known as VPN, is an emerging Internet security solution for remote business employees. A VPN establishes a private, encrypted network Internet connection that enables data to travel through a protected medium, from your computer to the corporate network.

4. Regular data backups

Regular data backups are extremely important for businesses to avoid the risk of losing precious business data if the IT system is attacked by malware or held hostage by cybercriminals. It is advisable to store confidential and sensitive files in a remote and offline digital storage facility. offers a protected method of transferring data between users or organization.

Bottom Line

Internet security is now an integral aspect of all types of businesses. It is important for businesses to implement a robust Internet security mechanism to prevent financial losses and avoid damage to business reputation.

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