Cisco CCNA Certbolt Certification

Career Prospects That Cisco CCNA Certbolt Certification Can Bring You

The Cisco Certbolt Certified Network Associate, or CCNA for short, is a way for individuals to demonstrate their expertise in a wide range of products and services that Cisco offers. What is more, this designation is a trusted way to make employers know more about your proficiency and competency in a variety of IT topics such as networks, hosting security, IP services & connectivity, automation, programmability, and such.

The Cisco CCNA certbolt certification, in particular, is an associate-level validation and unfortunately, it isn’t easy to earn it. Thus, the exam you need to pass to achieve this certificate is the CCNA 200-301 that consists of varied questions in the English or Japanese languages that you need to accomplish in 120 minutes. Luckily, the vendor does not set any prerequisites for pursuing the CCNA Certbolt certification so anyone can aim at it.

But what are the unique positions you can opt for, once the certificate is under your belt? Let’s see next.


What Jobs Can You Go for with Cisco CCNA Certification?

When you’re done getting a passing score in the official exam and have successfully earned the Cisco CCNA Certbolt certification, there are quite a few jobs you can get your hands on. All in all, this designation opens up a way to many entry-level to mid-level jobs within the networking field. Some of them, for example, include Network Technician, Network Engineer, Network Administrator, and Help Desk Technician.

It is important to note that there are different names for the same position and the same work in different organizations, so make sure you check out the job specifications. However, since the world of networking is vast, a job might mean something in one company and something else in the other. Nevertheless, acquiring the CCNA Certbolt certification will validate your understanding of networking and hone your skills for network-based job roles. This way, you will be able to perform both comparatively simple tasks like network wiring & configuration and something more advanced like configuring routing protocols, and other high-risk configurations.

However, if you earned the CCNA certificate totally with theoretical understanding but lack hands-on experience, you will have significantly more trouble finding a good networking job. Finally, when it comes to the salary that this coveted CCNA can get you per annum, it’s almost $80k as rendered by

Be Prepared to Advance

The Cisco CCNA will definitely make it easy for you to get a relevant job, and will possibly be enough for some to earn a decent salary, but it is in no way enough for you to broaden your expertise and help you advance. What you need to do after the CCNA Certification Exam is to push your limits beyond it. This associate-level certification from Cisco is only the beginning so opt for earning more advanced validations by this vendor.

Cisco CCNA Certbolt Certification

If you didn’t know this, there are also professional-level Cisco Certbolt certifications such as the CCNP Enterprise, CCNP Collaboration, CCNP Security, and the like that you can choose to pursue after the CCNA. And if you’re eager to reach the top in your career there are expert certifications that you can choose and become an esteemed member of the IT industry.


Well, if you aren’t certified yet, now is the best time to attain the Cisco CCNA Certbolt certification. This prestigious validation will equip you with the necessary knowledge to perform all the pertinent tasks of such specialists as a Network Engineer or Administrator and will bring about a generous annual salary. What is more, once 200-301 is cleared, it’ll get easier for you to pursue higher-tier designations that this vendor endorses.

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