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A Beginner’s Guide To Setting Up A Smart Home

The allure of a smart home is as strong as never before. A niche investment that used to be for the affluent and seemed like a space-age dream is an everyday reality for most homeowners. A smart home is where multiple devices are used to automate tasks that one would normally do themselves. Setting up a smart home is easier than you think. Smart devices are now widely available and relatively affordable and all you need is a smart assistant used to the devices and appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you. The level of innovation will depend on your budget, time, and technical know-how. Here’s everything you need to know about how to set up a smart home;

1. Smart Furniture

Homes today are designed differently. From furniture, lighting, security, everything is being manufactured with the latest tech innovations and automation. Mohd high quality furniture comes in best for a homeowner in the market for the best smart furniture. Mohd offers a luxury collection of furniture pieces such as smart coffee tables, smart sofas, beds, mattresses, and the list goes on from different design icons.

The best international design brands the likes of Cassina, B&B Italia, Molteni&C, Minotti, Poltrona Frau, Kartell, Poliform offer furniture which adds a touch of elegance to modern living. The pieces are eco-friendly as the materials are sustainably sourced and manufactured.

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2. Lighting

The pace at which modern technology is advancing cannot be imagined. The lighting of your home can be automated to turn the lights on and off remotely from your smartphone or via voice command. A range of brands produces different accessories for instance smart light bulbs that fit perfectly into regular fixtures.

Some smart light bulbs let one adjust the brightness or change the color of the lights. Smart lighting uses LED bulbs which are more energy-efficient and help reduce the electricity bill.

3. Security

It’s paramount to ensure your modern home is equipped with the best when it comes to security. This includes CCTV cameras, doorbells, security lights, locks, and alarms. CCTV cameras allow one to monitor your home while you are away. Smart locks are a great way to protect the home and most come with a geofencing feature that detects an intruder as soon as they approach the door.

Doorbells help a homeowner see who is at the door from their smart device without having to open the door. The doorbells also record the footage which is saved on cloud storage for the homeowner to review afterward.

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4. Power

Our bustling careers and the challenge of home-work balance leaves no time for one to focus on the nitty-gritty of the home. Thanks to smart devices for home, you never need to worry about remembering if you left the house without turning off the iron box. Smart plugs assist one in the schedule when your appliances will turn on and off or even lock the sockets for family safety.

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5. Energy

Smart devices come in handy when it comes to controlling the temperature of your home. The thermostats are connected to the heating and cooling system with the same wiring the thermostat uses to manage the temperature in the home with either an app or voice command. You can schedule the thermostat to come on only when it’s needed to save on energy and money.

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