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4 Sustainable Home Trends That Are Helping To Save The Planet

Many people think that creating sustainable homes is just the latest in a long line of home improvement trends. It isn’t. Almost a third of home builders are making 60 percent of their projects green and more than half think they will be increasing the amount of sustainable builds they do in the next three years. This is hardly surprising when you consider the many fantastic sustainable home trends that are really changing lives and helping to save the planet right now. Here are some of the most impressive sustainable home trends to watch out for:

1. Home Automation

You’ve probably heard of the ‘Internet of Things’ even if you don’t really know what it is. Actually, it is a term that refers to a network of physical devices, which can be connected to and controlled from the internet. Everything from your thermostat to your fridge can now be controlled remotely via the internet.


Sounds cool, but how does it increase sustainability? Well, if you’re able to remotely control things like your lighting, thermostat, and HVAC, you can ensure that you never waste energy again. If you leave the house and forget to turn the lights off, or you’ve set the thermostat to turn on an hour before you get home at six, but you’re going to be an hour late, no problem. You can control your appliances to ensure no energy is wasted.

2. Smart Windows

Smart windows are set to be a big trend in the coming years. They are simply windows that are intuitive. Some will use heat sensors to open and close automatically when the temperature gets too hot or cold, and you will be able to control them via a mobile device or even a gesture, making it easier to control the temperature of your home, while others like Dynamic Glass use intelligent tinting to keep homes cool without air conditioner.

Double glazing windows ensures that no energy or heat is wasted

This means that you don’t have to rely so much on polluters and energy suckers like air conditioner and HVAC to get the temperature right when you return home. Click here to know the benefits of home window tinting.

3. Solar Power Walls

The Solar Power Wall -Tesla Powerwall 2 is set to revolutionize the way we all power our homes. This fairly compact contraption can produce enough solar energy to power the average two bedroom property for as much as 24 hours, and it looks great, which means more and more people will be happy to have it on their property. It’s sure to save you money on your power bills as well as saving the planet.

reclaimed materials
Reclaimed materials are among popular choices for home decor.

4. Reclaimed Materials

Reclaimed materials are becoming ever more popular choices for home decor. This is great news because they reduce waste significantly. Every piece of wood, concrete, and metal that is reused in the home does not end up in landfill where is will rot away benefitting no one.

Using reclaimed materials more will mean that fewer natural resources are tapped for what are basically cosmetic purposes, and actually, reclaimed materials give a home more character than new, too.

Bottom Line

More and more people are realizing the benefits, not to mention the need, for sustainable homes. The above sustainable home trends are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is available and what is possible. The future is well and truly set to be a sustainable one.

Salman Zafar

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