How to Look for a Denver Home Inspector?

Finding the best experts in Denver requires looking more than their certificates and credentials. If you’re shopping for a property, you should already have found an inspector before talking to the seller. You mustn’t rush things and allow for time to interview many candidates before hiring a professional.

The right person will give you a clear-cut picture of what it’s like to live in that specific property, and you can prepare for the budget in case a significant home renovation is in order. For many, a home in Denver is one of the most expensive purchases that they are making in their lifetimes. This is why they need to find all the flaws with the help of inspectors and set a budget for all the expenses. What you can do to find the right home inspector who can make them see in a clearer light are the following:


Knowing the Right Home Inspector

1. Beware of the Recommendations of your Real Estate Agent

You may have been offered a referral from your real estate agent but beware of them. Choose a different man if you have to. Your agent may mean you well but keep in mind that they are in the market to sell a house, and it can be seen as a conflict of interest.

This is because when the agent wants to close a deal, a full-blown report about the flaws, infestations, and damages in the property may make the buyers back out. If there are too many issues, there will be a chance that the house is going to be sold at a lower price which will make the agents’ commissions drop accordingly.

It’s important to remember that many real estate agents care for their clients and want the best for them. However, for the part of many homeowners, it’s best if they are not going to feel obliged to go on with the sale if they don’t like something on the property. It’s essential to research and ensure that you’re getting in touch with a trusted inspector out there.

2. Identification of Trusted and Qualified Candidates

A friend or a family member may recommend a reputable inspector. You can also check websites and ask trusted colleagues about the trusted professionals out there who have worked in their new homes. The local communities on the internet can sometimes write feedback about their experience when working with inspectors. Crowdsourcing directories and websites that offer services can also be a good starting point in looking for the right men.

If you live in a busy city, you may want to check the local organizations’ ratings for your home inspectors in Denver. Read more about the inspection process in this link here. Plenty of resources are available, like information from the societies and associations tied with engineers and architects. You can get a database about the professionals who have certifications in their chosen careers.

Once you know the candidates, you may want to see if there were online complaints lodged against them. Try looking in the reviews and complaints department for more information. There are also chapters on the Better Business Bureau that can give you in-depth reviews of genuine people who have gotten home inspection services.

3. Choose Ones with Credentials but Know the Limit

Hiring someone with the best credentials is the way to go for many homeowners. When a contractor got a certification from a particular association in Denver, you are assured that they know how to do their work and are knowledgeable about the things they need to look for.

One of the certificates’ requirements is to pass the exams regarding National Home Inspector Examination, and this is a document that will prove that a pro has completed inspection to over 250 homes, and all of them were paid. Others may require certificates where simulated reports were passed and submitted mock reports to be assessed by the right body.

It’s still important to remember that licensing and certificates will not ensure that you find the right contractor. There’s always a chance that they won’t be able to identify all the issues in a specific property even if they have the proper credentials. This was known to occur in a mock inspection where an inspector has spent over three hours assessing a bedroom with more than 25 known problems.

Some could not report obvious infestations of rodents, bad roof damage, leaks under the sinks, and more. However, the National Exams is something that one should not take lightly as they have very rigorous and strict standards. With someone who could pass the inspection and get certified, you will have at least a guarantee that they know what they are doing. However, it’s still better if you prefer someone who wouldn’t want to rush things, and they should be very conscientious.

4. Comparing Reports

One of the best ways to see the professional capabilities you’re planning to hire is to see the results of their previous investigations. You can ask for a sample copy of all the issues that he has found on the home, similar to what you want to buy, and the written reports will give you an idea about the things that he will do inside the house.


After the comparison, you may want to prefer the detailed ones who could energetically fill the documents with specific issues and recommendations. Anyone who is providing short and generic information may not be the right guy for you.

Some of the regular reports from many homes in Denver showed that the typical reports would include photographs. Each photo will be labeled, and details about their issues are going to be documented. The right inspector will ensure that the client understands what he’s seeing. They will include recommendations and the possible costs of the renovations needed to ensure that everything will be safe and in order. An excellent investigator will also include documented problems of maintenance and other suggestions.

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