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Guidelines To Help You Choose Table Saw Under $500

Table saws are by no means one of the most useful and effective woodworking tools that a carpenter cannot ignore buying for his workshop. They have three main components which are the flat table, high-speed motor, and a saw blade.

Depending on the use that the woodworker wishes to put the saw into practice, there are several types that one should choose for the job. The most important factor of a table saw is its capability to adjust the angle. It enhances the depth of the cut, the height and the location of the blade.

Table saws under $500 are among the most used in wood workshops to date. However, some factors are necessary to put in place before making a final decision on buying a table saw under $500. These are:

Types of table saw

Basically, there are two types of table saws available for this amount and these are Jobsite table saw and portable table saw.

A Jobsite table saw is designed and operated on the Jobsite and they are heavier. However, they consist of more features that enable them to carry more tougher tasks.

Portable saws, on the other hand, are made in such a way that one can move from one point to another while working on a project.

Fence adjustments

To consider any work articulate, it must be smooth, elegant and attractive. As such, when choosing good saw, ensure that the fence adjustments are accurate and fast. At the same time, the fence should be smooth with the rack and the pinion rails.

table saw under 500


Confirm that the table saw can cut full-size boards with great precision. In this case, a portable table saw is considered the best and will give accurate results as required. Mind you, this will not cost any more than $500 yet the work will be extremely good.

Table Space

When selecting a table saw, remember that the table space will be the main factor. This especially depends on the size of the job one is required to undertake. Since this is an average table saw, its size should range from about 24”/22”. Any larger than this will call for a higher cost as it is deemed to work for heavy projects.


A good table saw should use 15 amps to operate effectively. Anything less than this will have challenges when it comes to cutting wood. Besides the amp, also consider the power of the plug. For this type of saws, a pug of 110v or 220v is sufficient for a woodworker to carry out a normal task.

For portable table saws, most of them are 110V and are still able to handle jobs effectively even when out of the job site.

Dust collection unit

It’s considered an environmental hazard to keep inhaling the sawdust emitted from the wood. In actual sense, it has been proved that one of the causes of lung cancer is as a result of the sawdust and the lung issues. It’s therefore important to have a dust collection cylinder in the table saw in a clean environment.

Most of the new models have a dust collection unit. But in case one is interested in getting an older version, then you will need to modify it and get a dust collection unit for your safety.

Saw stop feature

First and foremost, we need to realize how a saw is dangerous and especially when the saw comes into contact with the human hands. A saw stop is a feature that is meant to reduce the risk of cutting the human skin. It’s designed in such a way that if it comes into contact with the human skins, it automatically stops the saw from operating.

The blade is stopped in fewer than 5 milliseconds and as such may not cause serious cuts as there-before.


When it comes to accuracy, table saws under $500 will give you the best. Always get a saw that will meet the needs of your project.

There you are now if you are ready to get a table saw and more so for first use if your budget ranges here, then work on these features and you are good to go.

Salman Zafar

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