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5 Top Must-Have Tools for Woodworking

Are you an aspiring DIY woodworker or a pro woodworker? Well, if so, most likely you’ve started to plan how you’ll acquire the tools that will help you in your woodworking. Don’t feel discouraged because you don’t have enough money to buy an extensive array of tools that pro woodworkers use. You can start with the little you have and then acquire more with time. The basic tools for woodworking that you should initially have include:

1. Router

A router is a versatile tool that you can use to trim and cut wood. Besides, when you want to create a curved contour, cut a pattern/hole, create a decorative molding or cut holes/grooves in lumber, a router will help you do so.

Woodworking routers are either plunge or fixed-base. A plunge router is more suitable for woodworking beginners as it does nearly everything, but as time goes by, you can buy a fixed-base for extra functionalities. Preferably, start with an 11 to 12 amp plunge router with a horsepower ranging from 8,000 to 24,000 RPM, electronic variable speed controls and a soft start mechanism. Review which is the best router table.

2. Table saw

A table saw is another essential woodworking tools as it is a centerpiece around which all of the rest of your tools are used and organized. Additionally, with a table saw, you can do various tasks including basic milling, cutting parallel edges, making box joints and making crosscuts.

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Table saws come in different types including cabinet saws, contractor’s saws and hybrid saws. Each of these table saws come with specific features. The best is that with features that address your needs and is within your budget.

3. Biscuit joiner

One of the tasks that you’ll frequently do in woodworking is assembling wood pieces to make complete furniture. In as such, you need a tool to help you to firmly join the pieces together and that’s where a biscuit joiner comes in. A biscuit joiner has a small circular blade which makes a crescent-shaped hole in the opposite edges of two wood pieces which are clamped together in a parallel position.

4. Sawhorse

A sawhorse is a four-legged beam which woodworkers use to support boards or planks while sawing them by hand. If your sawhorse is strong enough, you can place a portable table on it to function as a platform for tools such as table saw. If you are not sure which is the best sawhorse to buy, consider using this review for an informed purchase.

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5. Sander

Manual wood sanding can be hectic, consuming much of your time and energy. If you want to make your sanding jobs easier, you should get a powered sander, which is simply a power tool which smoothens surfaces by abrasion using sandpaper. Depending on the nature of your woodworking task, you can buy an orbital sander or bench sander.

Parting Shot

All the above five are the tools that you can’t afford to miss in your woodshop to make your work easier and on point. However, these are just but the basic; you’ll need to have others gradually as your experience grows.

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