How Do You Use a Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun?

The job of painting is often done by professionals and not otherwise. However, as a person who is interested in painting it is better that you choose small projects to begin with. This may be an ideal choice for you as things would be much easier to begin with. It would be less painstaking and less troublesome at the same time. If you choose to take up large projects the chances of you being lost is high. There are various types of paintings that you can opt to choose from.

Two of the most common categories that paintings fit into are spraying and using a brush. Although the latter is considered old fashion and traditional it is still in use by many people. This is due to its affordability as well as lower consumption rate of the paint used. However, people these days in the modern era choose spray guns over the traditional methods.

To begin with you should know how these paint guns work. Only upon understanding these basics you would be able to do a good job at painting anything. So, basic understanding is what we see below that is required for starters. Once you understand the basics it would be easier to move to the next level in an easier manner. If you do not understand the basics then the chances of being a good painter is very low.


These applies for people who take up painting as a hobby and do small painting projects at home. Professional painters barely use Harbor Freight HVLP spray guns as they take up more of their time than other options. Having said that novice users would be best suited to use these as they are user friendly. We look at the steps that would help you work with this spray gun with relative ease.

Adjusting pressure

One of the primary things that you need to begin with is adjusting pressure. Ensure that opening of the compressor regulator gives ample pressure to the gun. Setting the pressure to the required level and have the trigger pulled. The valve at the bottom of the handle has to be closed with the trigger still pulled. Then you would have to open it up to the point where the volume of the air remains the same. Volume of the air can be figured out just by listening to it and knowing how loud or noiseless it is.

Adjusting the fan

At the back of the gun you would see the fluid volume controls. You would have to open it to 2 – 3 counts for beginners. It is better you choose to have the fan control down. If you do you would have small round circle when you spray. Have a test surface ready to test this part of the equipment. Keep the gun between 6 and 8 inches away from the surface and pull the trigger. You would have to turn the fan control while doing this until you are able to obtain the right shape in terms of diameter.

Fluid control

Adjusting the fluid volume at the back of the gun is the next step although it should be done while the trigger is still on. It should be kept at a volume where you do not cause runs when you sweep left to right or in up and down motions. Read the manual carefully on how to begin in terms of motion. They would best advise you to choose left to right motions than otherwise.

Setting up the spray gun

This is relatively a technical aspect of setting up the harbor freight HVLP spray gun. By reading the manual carefully you would be able to figure out which pressure is enough for painting. Most high-end guns have manuals explaining how much pressure is required. This way you can adjust according to the paint used and the surface it is used on.


This is all buy the last part where you begin to paint and make minor last-minute adjustments. This totally depends on the surface that you are painting. You ought to look at how the paint comes out of the nozzle and spreads on the surface. By looking at this you would get to find out if it requires more adjustment or not.

In case you are looking to spray on smaller areas you might want to turn the fan down. This would ensure that the gun itself sprays on a smaller area. To be able to avoid runs you might also have to turn the volume on the spray gun clockwise. This would ensure that you are decreasing the volume of paint that is sprayed.

Adequate pressure

To be able to get appropriate atomization you would have to use high pressure so that the volume can be turned up. The more the pressure that you produce the lesser runs due to better atomization. This is one of the most critical aspect that you would have to look at when you are using paints that are expensive. You would not want to waste your money with the paint being wasted. You would have little to no orange peel and runs when the pressure is at its optimal levels.


Although there might be slight changes in the way things operate physically these are the basics that you ought to know. If you are able to keep these things in mind while operating a spray gun there are minimal chances of you going wrong. One of the primary advise that you would get from experts is to try on a trail basis. This can be done on useless equipment to gauge how good you are at painting.

Once you are clear with all the nuances of using the harbor freight HVLP spray gun you can move on to painting projects. Always remember that the pressure that you use can vary depending on the paint that you use. Also, you would not need so much pressure while using a primer. If you are able to operate your harbor freight HVLP spray gun with these instructions you are bound to get good results.


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