Guide to Skip Hire for Homeowners

Skip hire is ideal for the disposal of waste from small home renovations such as the installation of new flooring, a kitchen refurbishment or an upstairs clear-out. Yet, while a skip is the most practical way to manage your waste, you also need to be practical about the type and size of skip you choose. Making a judgement about the amount of waste you’ll be dealing with is key as this could mean the difference between choosing a skip that has too little or too much space and wasting money.

Most skip companies stock a wide range of skips that are suitable for anything from the smallest redecorations to the largest construction operation in any location. No matter what the scale of your project, you can use the following tips to decide which type of skip will work for you:

2-5 Cubic Yards Mini Skips

For the disposal of old flooring, furniture or doors from a single room, mini skips are perfect. These have the smallest capacity of any skip available but still provide ample space for your small project as they hold up to the equivalent of 55 blag bags.

6-8 Cubic Yards Midi Skips

If you’re renovating one or more rooms around your home then a midi skip is a better choice. These skips can hold a fair amount of heavy and bulky waste including bricks, roof tiles and furniture. They are better known as builders’ skips as they are the size most commonly used on construction sites.


12-16 Cubic Yards Maxi Skips

For a large-scale operation that might involve renovations to the inside and outside of your home, a maxi skip could prove more cost-efficient. With a capacity that equals 150 plastic bags, maxi skips also have higher sides making them more practical for the disposal of large and tall items. If you need to get rid of your old sofa, your bed or your old kitchen cupboards then a maxi skip is ideal.

Roll on Roll off Skips

Roll on roll of skip hire is only suitable in the case of very demanding waste disposal requirements. These containers are available in a wide range of capacities from 15 to 40 cubic yards and have very high sides. They are most commonly used on large construction sites or for large-scale home renovations.

You may require a roll on roll off skip if you’re undertaking major garden work, installing new roofing or new windows. Yet, know that roll on roll off skips are so large that they can never be placed on a road.

Grab Hire

If your home renovation project is situated in a location where it is tricky for a skip to be placed – such as in a busy high street where parking is limited – then grab hire is a great solution. A grab hire skip is a lorry equipped with a skip and a grab-arm mechanism. You can hire one to visit your location, pick up your waste without the need for labour and then take it away for disposal. This is also a more immediate waste disposal solution and allows for the easy removal of waste from behind fences or walls.

Ranging in length from 4 to 8 wheels longs, these lorries can carry a hefty amount of waste (up to 18 tonnes). The grab hire mechanism also makes it easier to remove waste that is difficult to transport by hand such as large volumes of soil or heavy items.

Wait and Load

Wait and load skip hire is an alternative to grab hire that is also effective in locations where it is difficult to place a skip. Like grab hire, these skips are situated on lorries but they are not equipped with a grab-arm and therefore must be loaded by hand.

You can hire the lorry to arrive at your location at your preferred time and then load your waste for it to be taken away. Wait and load is often a cheaper, quicker and easier solution to skip hire and can be especially worthwhile if you cannot judge how much waste you will need to dispose of. If you have somewhere to store the waste while you work then you can simply arrange for the lorry to visit and remove your waste as and when is needed.

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