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6 Special Tips for Hot Water Installation

If you are looking for hot water installation of the system, it is important to follow the guidelines of the manufacturers. There are different types of heaters available in the market, however the basic installation process is the same. You can talk to the experts how to use DIY to perform the task. Here are certain tips that you have to keep in mind while undertaking the installation procedure:

1. Shut off the gas and water

Prior to starting the installation project, one should close down the gas and water supply. It is an essential step because leakages can cause accidents. Make sure that in the off position, the handle should be inclined at a right angle to the pipe.

hot water installation guide

You can also open the faucet on the floor to drain out all the water from the pipes. It is important to use plastic pipes because galvanized steel pipes are sometimes too cumbersome to replace.

2. Drain the water

  • The next step is to drain the water off the tank by using the garden hose. It is attached to the drain valve and accomplishes the task in an efficient manner.
  • If the water is hot, disconnect the gas line as it may increase temperature of the liquid.
  • In order to complete the job, you may have to use wrenches. They are crucial in unscrewing the pipes from the gas control valve.

3. Cutting the water lines

The third step in the process of installation is to cut off the water lines. The vent pipes are unscrewed to be placed in a safe box. Once the process is completed, use the cutter to cut the hot and cold water lines. It is an essential step because the water leakage would interfere with installation. People should remove the hot water heater by eliminating the unions with the help of the wrench.

4. Relief valve

  • Attaching the relief valve goes a long way in delivering sterling results to the users. You can wrap the threads of the relief valves with the Teflon tapes.
  • The material is not only flexible, but also sturdy that last for a very long time.
  • Make sure to screw the valve into the tank tightly. It is bound to last for a very long time. In addition, one may also attach a copper discharge pipe to the mix.

5. Pipe assemblies

  • One of the most important steps is to attach the pipe assemblies.
  • They are soldered with new copper adapters that are 6 inches in length.

Screwing of the assemblies in to the hot water outlet and inlet plays a very important role in the installation process. Plastic line nipples are added to the mix to avoid galvanic corrosion.

Hot Water Installation 1
Routine upkeep is essential to find out defective components

6. Attaching the water lines

  • You can attach the water lines, once the heater slides in the right place. It is important to either extend the tube or cut the tube into a proper position.
  • Proper installation is the key to the functioning of the hot water system. The tubing is soldered using copper slip couplings that can easily offset the lines with the help of 45 degree elbows.
  • One should place all the connector hoses into suitable positions. The faucet has to be open for a longer time to remove the residual water.
  • Reconnecting the wires and draining the heater twice a year is an important step that should be carried out to remove the sediments from the system.
  • If not removed, they may hamper the normal functioning of the heater. Water heater repair Dallas can take care of your water heater repair requirements.
  • Routine upkeep is also essential to find out the defective components if any.
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