Radiators Designs for Small Rooms

Top 5 Radiator Designs For Small Rooms

When looking for radiators for your home, sometimes It proves difficult to find the perfect design for the smaller rooms in your home. We aren’t all DIY experts, so what can we do to cater to the smaller rooms of your house? Read on to see our top 5 radiator designs for smaller rooms, so you can stay warm, regardless of the size of your home environment.

Single Panel Radiators

Single panel radiators are great options for smaller rooms in your home. This is due to the fact that single panel radiators are of a less deep build, allowing for you to install them in your room without taking up too much space. Ideal for en-suites, cupboard spaces or utility rooms, you could be on to a winner with a single panel radiator.

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Column Radiators

Column radiators are actually great for any room in your home, but they come in a vast range of shapes and sizes, meaning they are also very suitable for smaller rooms. Some of the best of this style are Stelrad column radiators, available in many attractive colours with excellent heating capabilities. Column radiators, especially two column radiators, are ideal for the smaller spaces in your home. Efficient and stylish and made from a lightweight material, column radiators are a great option for your home.

Towel Rail Radiators

Towel rail radiators are small enough to fit in your smaller bathroom, but powerful enough to dry your towels and keep you warm. These popular additions to your home will do the job they are made for, with many attractive styles available. Smaller towel rail radiators are also a cheaper option compared to their larger counterparts. If you are tight on space and short on cash, a small towel rail radiator could be the option you have been looking for.

Small Designer Radiators

Designer radiators don’t need to be extra large to be effective. There are many designer radiator options available, allowing you to add some style to your smaller rooms while heating them up.

Available in a wide range of colours, sizes and styles, designer radiators add style and sophistication to your home while doing the job they were designed to do.

Radiators Designs for Small Rooms

Small Victorian Radiators

There are many smaller Victorian style radiators available to buy. This allows you to add a traditional look to your home, while heating your smaller rooms up to optimum levels. The benefit of small Victorian radiators, as well as the authentic aesthetic, is that they are often made form cast iron. This means that once they heat up, even after you turn the heat off, they will retain heat for a long time. This allows you to keep your smaller rooms warm for longer, without having to spend more money.

There are countless options for small radiators for rooms with limited space available to buy online. Browse online and find the radiator to suit you, your personal style, and the size of your room today.

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