how to choose good AC

An Essential AC Buying Guide for Homeowners

AC has become a regular and almost mandatory these days not only in offices and commercial spaces but also at homes. Though in professional spaces, there is a chance of going for central air conditioning, but in case of personal spaces, it is still better to go for a window or a split AC.

how to choose good AC

Everyone wants to buy the best AC for their home, and at present, there are a lot of good air conditioner machines doing rounds in the market. Before zeroing down to one AC machine, one needs to keep a few things in mind. Going for the best air conditioner means everyone has to check this AC buying guide as they are the essentials.

1. Energy

This is the first and foremost thing that one has to look into when one is buying an AC. They need to check how many stars they have. These stars actually represent the efficiency of the machine and how much good it is to save the energy when it is functioning. If one buys an AC with high energy efficiency, then they can end up by saving one a lot of money. This is important because otherwise an AC machine can lead to a heavy electricity meter.

That is why, one should always need to go for a five star rated AC. One can also buy an inverter AC. They might be a bit expensive but they not only provide effective cooling but also save a lot of energy.

2. AC Size and Quality

The size of the AC unit does matter. Though it may be a bit daunting but it is actually very important. When one goes for a big sized AC then it can cool down the room faster. But at the same time it can consume more energy and electricity. In case of a small sized AC, it can take a bit more time to cool the room and as it takes more time, it consumes good amount of energy as well.

So, one needs to buy the machine which is directly proportional to the size of the room. The tonnage of the machine should be proportionate to the square feet of the room. If the room is more than 80 square feet and less than 120 then one should go for a 1 ton AC. If it is more than that then one needs a 1.5 ton AC. If the room is about 300 feet square feet then a 2 ton AC can match it. If you’re looking to buy a unit from somewhere that offers a lot of options, PTAC4Less offers a wide selection of affordable units for a range of properties and projects.

3. AC Inside Mechanisms

The material that has been used to manufacture the AC makes it work better. One has to this check the quality of the material that has been used inside the machine. One should also check whether there are copper coils that have been used in this AC unit. The quality of these inside materials can improve the performance of your air conditioner.

4. Review Warranty

If one wants to buy an Air Conditioner, then they need to look for the warranty period because it matters. One should keep an eye on the number of years that the air compressor has a warranty. The higher the warranty period of the air conditioner and the compressor is, the better machine it is.

5. Check Additional Features

There has been a lot of advancement in the technology and they are used in latest AC models. Some of the features are not only attractive bit they are very much necessary and important. Features of a good AC are:

  • There is a filter present in an air conditioner that can remove the invisible bacteria like mites, pollens and allergens. They prevent the AC to serve bad air and help one to stay healthy.
  • There is another filter present for dust prevention. It can remove the layer of the dust which mostly settles in the machine on a regular basis.
  • Humidity is another problem in countries like in India. So, presence of a dehumidifier in the AC machine is also very important.

But yes, one should always keep their AC buying budget in mind when they are looking for these essential features in the machine. There are split ACs and window ACs and one need to choose whatever is suitable for their room. It is said that the former is a better option than the later. It should also be noted that regular air conditioning maintenance is essential to ensure the top performance of your AC unit.

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